"I'll finger you both to orgasm simultaneously, one on each hand."

From Create Your Own Story

The twins seat you on the center of the couch, with your arms spread out. One hand is on either side.

They get into position, each one taking a hand. You begin fingering along both slits, teasing them a bit.

Mindy begins squirming around on your hand. "Rub my clit!" she gasps. You feel for it and circle your thumb over her button.

Cindy moans softly as you finger her. "Mine, too," she whispers. You proceed to do the same thing to her.

Both sisters begin to shiver with pleasure, their bodies trembling under your touch. You decide it's time for a big finish.

You plunge your fingers into both of them. You slide in and out, finger-fucking them as deeply as you can. Both twins' boxes clamp down on your hands.

Mindy climaxes with a tremendous scream. "Oh, my!" she yells out. Her fluids gush over your hand as her body shudders. That seems to push Cindy over the edge, as her legs lock up and she spasms violently, flooding you with her nectar.

You remove your hands and lick up the twins' honey. They both taste wonderful.

"I think we owe you an orgasm," Cindy purrs to you. "What do you think we should do?"

Health Horny Location:

Mindy and Cindy's Place

MP 0
Level 1
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