"I'd like you to take me home with you."

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Dean leads you down the stairs, and past the bouncer, who is still collecting cash as new patrons enter. The bouncer and Dean share a slightly unfriendly look, but when the bouncer looks at you, he raises his eyebrows and offers you a smile. You blush, and he winks.

Dean takes you back to his place, which isn't far, and once you're inside the small house, he walks you straight down the stairs into its small stone basement. There, a leather sling hangs from the ceiling on four anchored chains, and all sorts of black leather and rubber objects line the wall behind it and sit on two large tables.

He strips you, crushes you against him for a rough, possessive kiss, then pushes you back a little, nodding at the sling. You climb onto the sling, nervous, but you keep your eyes fixed on the muscular body of Dean, who towers above you at your feet. Angled with your head slightly higher than your body, Dean nods, then takes your left foot and presses it into the left loop, then repeats with your right.

“Hold on,” he says, gesturing to the loops attached to the chains on either side of your head. You reach back and grab the leather straps.

Dean reaches two fingers between your legs, and rubs them at your hole. You let out a little moan as he rubs your ass – the feel of his leather-covered fingers is fantastic – and he chuckles.

“You like that, boy?” he says.

“Yes, sir,” you reply, and lean your head back as he squirts some lube on you, and then pushes two fingers into your ass a bit. The sensation is somehow both rough and smooth, all at once.

You hear a snap, and look down to see that with his right hand, he has begun to undo the leather codpiece that covers his crotch. In four quick motions, he unsnaps the leather piece off completely, revealing an uncut cock already half-hard, and low hanging balls covered in dark hair. He leans forward, far over you, and places the codpiece over your mouth and nose with his free hand, even as he shoves his two fingers deeper into your ass, a little rougher this time.

You gasp.

“Smell that, boy. Breathe deep!”

You suck in breath, and the musk of leather and sweat is heady.

Dean presses his fingers deeper into you, then pulls them out slowly. You moan into the leather codpiece.

“You want to get fucked, don’t you, boy?”

“Yes sir,” you say, voice slightly muffled by the codpiece.

“What’s that?” Dean asks. “Can’t hear you.”

“Yes sir!”

“Yes sir, what?” Dean’s voice is amused.

“Yes sir, fuck me!” you’re nearly yelling.

Dean aligns his cock, now hard, at your hole and shoves in with a violent thrust that makes you see stars. You yelp, gripping the leather straps tight with both hands and pushing your feet against the loops, and the movement causes the sling to rock away from Dean, then back towards him with a jerk that shoves his hard cock even deeper into your hole.

“Fuck that’s good!” Dean says loudly, and then pulls back and shoves into you again with another rough thrust. This time you’re slightly more prepared, but he still batters you inside with his cock. You’re yelping, and swearing, and yet soon, with every rough entry and the sway of the sling, you’re also gasping, and making little mewling noises in the back of your throat, still smelling and tasting the sweat and leather of the codpiece he’s holding over your face.

His free hand grips the sling at your side, and he yanks it towards him with every thrust. He sinks deeper into your ass, and you feel a heat spreading up your balls and cock.

“Fuck, fuck...” Dean’s voice grows ragged as his assault continues. “Fuck!”

With the final swear, he unloads in you deep, your battered hole filling with thick cum in what feels like three hot waves.

Dean breathes heavily for a few seconds, then pulls his cock out of you. You wince, and he laughs, taking the codpiece from your face and tossing it aside. Your dick throbs, and you reach for it, but he takes your hand in his, stopping you.

You look up at him, sweat slick on your forehead and chest, and he smiles down at you. You notice he's hard again. He reaches once more for the lube, and starts to work a lot of it into your ass. He lets go of your hand, and you grip the straps again.

"Good boy," he says.

You are expecting another fuck, but instead, he continues to grease up your ass with lube, and then uses a small black rubber dildo on your hole for a while. He then changes it up with a thicker model, and then a larger model, and soon, while you roll your head back and forth in the sling and breath in little bursts through your teeth, the leather man is using a huge dildo inside you, shoving it in and out with little thrusts that make the sling rock and sending jolts through your body. You get rock hard, and he pulls out the giant dildo, much to your chagrin, but he slides in a different toy, one made of hard plastic and shaped more like a real cock. Then he flips a switch on the base, and it begins vibrating.

The sensation pushes you over the edge, and you cum across your stomach with a wild cry.

Dean smiles. "You like my toys so far?" he asks.

You nod, sweat and cum mingling on your stomach and chest. "Yes."

"I got at least a dozen more," he says, "before I fuck you again."

You groan, but smile, and lean back in the sling.

"Yes, sir!" you say.

Best birthday ever.

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