"I'd like to finish off with you."

From Create Your Own Story

He quickly wipes down the bar one last time, and chucks the rag over his shoulder before coming out from behind the bar. You walk with him to the entrance, where the bouncer winks at you before you go.

"Night," the bartender says.

"Night, guys," the bouncer replies.

The bartender drive you to his place, and you watch his arms on the steering wheel, enjoying the way the muscles move as he steers. At his place, he steers you right to the couch, and then kneels in front of you and proceeds to give you one of the best blow jobs of your life. He's got a talented mouth, and his hands are strong as they stroke your shaft and flick at your nipples. You're getting pretty close when he pulls back, letting your dick come free of his lips.

He rises, and pulls off his sleeveless shirt, revealing a chest that's just as muscular and smooth as his arms. He pulls you to your feet and kisses you, crushing you against him with those arms, and then tugs at your own shirt. You both half-walk, half-stumble into his bedroom, shedding shoes, socks, pants, and underwear as you go, and he pushes you backwards onto his bed, crawling over you and lying down on top of you with a grinding motion that makes you writhe.

His long uncut cock presses between you, and he shifts himself to take the back of your knees in either hand, rolling you up in his powerful arms, lifting you off the small of your back. He presses his mouth against your hole, licking and nibbling and jabbing you with his tongue, and you squirm, letting out little yelps and moans as his tongue explores you. You grip the sheets on either side of you, head rolling as his mouth sets your ass on fire.

Finally, he spits into your hole a few times, and then shifts again, his powerful upper body visible between your legs now as he lines his cockhead up against your hole.

He enters you with a long and steady shove, and you breathe out. He grins, and then presses over you, placing one of his fantastic arms beside your head, and using the other to hold your legs open, gripping one of your thighs and keeping you spread.

His thrusts are unsurprisingly strong, and he sets a quick pace with them, and you both quickly build up a sweat as his cock pounds away inside you. The man has stamina to go with his strength, and he shifts you, rolling you to one side or the other, as his pounding continues. Eventually, both of his arms are once again gripping your legs and he's slamming himself into you, sweat dripping down between his thick chest and slick on his arms, and he bellows as his load fills your ass.

The sensation pushes you over the edge, and your come streaks across your sweaty stomach.

He collapses onto you.

"Holy fuck," you say.

He laughs. "Happy Birthday."

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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