"How about we let you and the pig take a turn in the van?"

From Create Your Own Story

The four guys tuck their dicks back in and you put your pants back on, and make your way down the stairs, feeling the wetness of cum leak down your ass crack.

At the bottom, the bouncer gives you an amused smirk when he sees you, and says, "Have fun, guys. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

The pig laughs as you step through the front door. "That's not much," he says. "I bottomed for that fucker once. Couldn't stand for a week!"

Your group heads to the parking lot, and arrive at a car and a van. Opening the door to the car, the tattooed guy gives you an amused wave, and he and the guy with the black goatee get in and drive off.

"Step into my parlor," says the guy in the wifebeater, opening the back of the van. The pig laughs.

You climb inside, and see that the inside of the van is mostly stripped down, but that a mattress and some pretty dirty blankets have been tossed into the back. The two men climb in after you, and the guy in the wifebeater chuckles and says, "Now, where were were?"

You all strip, and the pig crawls to the front corner of the van and spreads his legs, his hard dick up in the air. "Eat it, boy!" he says.

You put him in your mouth, crawling on all fours, and feel the other man press against your ass, then shove home. He fucks you, and his thrusts push the pig's dick further down your mouth. He grips your waist, and with every shove he grunts, until your face is bouncing against the pig's pubes and you're gagging on the pig's thick cock.

"Fuck... Fuck... Yeah!" he yells, and you feel his load blast in your ass.

The pig pushes you back, and as the other guy slides out of your ass, the pig rolls you over, and crawls over you. He lifts your legs up, and rams his dick into you without preamble, falling right into a rapid rhythm that doesn't last long before he, too, spills his seed in your hole. He collapses on top of you for a few minutes, breathing heavy, and then slides his cock out.

"Thanks," the pig says. "Needed that."

You sit up, and look around for your clothes. The two men help you get dressed, and then you step out of the van, feeling slick cum slide down the back of your legs. The bar is closed, and the lights are off. You rub your face, and then start the walk home.

Best birthday ever.

(The end - feedback to [email protected])

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