"How about boy butt seasoned with bear spit?"

From Create Your Own Story

"You want me to eat your ass, eh?" Steve grins, squeezing his dick and making the piercing glint in the light. "I'm up for that. Don't worry, you're not the only one afraid of taking my dick. The metal freaks most guys out."

Your whole body shivers. He grins, and half pulls, half drags you up the stairs to his bedroom. Once there, he tugs his shirt off, revealing his thick hairy chest and stomach, and he steps out of his jeans and boots. You strip in front of him while he watches, smiling at you, and leisurely strokes his pierced dick. As soon as you're naked, he pushes you at the bed, where you fall against it, ass out in the air, stomach pressed to the blanket.

His tongue buries itself in your ass, and the mix of his rough beard and slick tongue is hot on your ass.

"Oh God!" you gasp. He slurps at your hole, licking and spitting, his beard rubbing between your ass cheeks and making you a little raw. His tongue is a hot wet intrusion into your ass. You writhe on him, pushing against his tongue and bucking on the bed. Your hands twist in the blanket. This bear knows how to eat ass...

After a while, he pulls away from you, and lifts your thighs, sliding you onto the bed, and rolling you onto your back. He lifts you by your waist, rolling you up onto your shoulders, and you prop your self up as he once again starts to eat at your hole with loud slurps and a thick darting tongue. One of his hands takes your hard dick and starts to stroke you while he eats at your hole.

You're soon moaning and writhing on his tongue, and the heat of his mouth, roughness of his beard, and strong tugs on your dick all combines to send you over the edge - your cock erupts, spraying spunk across your chest. Steve drops you onto the bed, crawling over you and pinning your shoulders with his knees. He grips his thick meat and starts to jerk it over your face, until he grunts and sends thick wads of spunk across your lips and chin.

"Holy shit," you gasp, shaking, licking your lips.

He chuckles. "That was dessert."

You swallow some of his spunk. Definitely a birthday you're not going to forget.

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