"How about against the bar? I'm a little sore."

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The massive man grins, and comes at you with both hands, gripping your shoulders and walking you to the bar. He turns you around, and takes your hands in his, leaning his hairy chest against your back as he places your hands on the bar counter. His dick is hard against the small of your back, and his chin is rough against your ear.

"I usually like it rough, boy. You sure you want it like this?" he says, and rubs his massive cock a little against you, sliding it up and down your ass-crack, which is slick with the cum of other men.

"Yes," you hiss, and he chuckles into your ear.

He slides his hands down your sides, and pulls back away from you long enough to aim his huge thick dick at your hole. When he pushes in, he does so slowly, though your battered and cum-slicked hole opens for his thick cock. You gasp as you feel his length and thickness enter you, deeper and tighter than you've ever taken a cock, and he lets out a low rumbling sound that you can feel against your back. Soon he's pressed deeply into you, his whole body against your back, the rough hairs and heat of his skin almost too much to bear. You push back against him, and he breathes out.

"Like this?" he says, again.

"Yes!" you gasp.

He pulls almost all the way out, a little faster than he entered you, and then slides his length inside you once more. You rock on your heels, and let out a moan at the sensations he's causing you. His next withdrawing is a little faster, and his return stroke matches. You feel your self pushing back against him as he enters you, and the pace continues to quicken as he feels you responding.

"Fuck," he says, "You're slick..." He shoves into you with a rougher thrust. "You've been a busy slut, haven't you?"

"Yes!" you say, pushing back to meet him.

"You want me to cum in there, too? Make you mine?"

"Yes!" you gasp.

His thrusts grow stronger, and he grips your waist tight in his hands. You cling to the bar, pushing your ass back against him with every stroke, and suddenly, he lets go of your right side and reaches around you, to stroke your own hard cock. His hand is rough and calloused, and the sensation is overwhelming combined with his dick burying itself in your hole. In a few jerks of his hand, you cum, streaking a spray of sperm against the bar. He grunts behind you, and you feel his thick load spew deep in your guts.

You stand there a second, and he pulls out slowly.

"Nice ass, slut," he says, letting go of you. You straighten, legs wobbling.

"Thanks," you say.

He walks away and starts to dress, and you follow him dazedly, finding your own jeans and shoes. When you pull them on, you turn to see him looking at you.

“See you next Friday?” he says, and goes to unlock the bar door.

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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