"Hell yes, stud, give a boy a hand."

From Create Your Own Story

You undo your jeans, and the gray haired man steps behind you. Pressed against you in the alley, he tugs your pants and underwear down, and then crouches behind you. The gray haired man presses his face against your ass and his tongue starts to lick and drive at your hole, making you gasp and writhe forward.

The sensation is incredible, and you grip your dick, bracing one hand against the brick wall of the pub to stay upright as the gray haired man tugs your ass cheeks apart with his hands and drives his tongue into your hole. You jerk your cock rapidly and you feel yourself tip over the edge quickly - two long jets of cum spraying over the back of the Italian's brown work shirt.

After you come, the gray haired man pulls back and smiles up at you, panting.

"Wow," you say.

The men laugh, and you both re-arrange your clothes. The delivery man heads down the alley to the parking lot around front, waving goodbye. You realize you're jeans are now dirty and wet from the alley, and the gray haired man's cum has run down the front of your shirt. You chuckle, and head for the street to start walking home, in no shape to go back into the bar.

Happy birthday, indeed.

(The End - please send feedback to [email protected])

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