"Go get the royal locksmith."

From Create Your Own Story

"Right," the prince says. "I'll do that. Don't worry, my love. I'll be back in mere moments."

Your dashing prince dashes off, leaving you hanging. You wait around, feeling bored and wondering when you'll get out of this. With your arms held above your head, you can't even masturbate like you normally do when you're this bored.

You're not sure how much time has passed when a brutish-looking rogue creeps past your cell. He stops, stares at you a moment, then smiles wickedly.

"What have we here?" he says. "A captive maiden. I've gone far too long between dips of my wick, if you know what I mean."

Do you:

Health Horny & Hormonal Location:

Fairytale Castle

MP 0
Level 1
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