"Fuck yeah! You busty babes are so hot!!"

From Create Your Own Story

Both buxom beauties curl their index fingers at you, gesturing for you to come over. You can hardly contain your excitement as you hurriedly take those very few steps forward and brush your body against both of their bikini-model bods. Your cock hits someone's leg again, and the two girls separate just enough to let you squeeze in. You immediately feel a pair of jugs on your back, as well as feel and see the pair pressed up against your pecs. You reach out to the pair in front, finally about to squeeze those mammoth mammary glands you've been eying.

"Hey! We're bathing you, remember?" Beth says. "No touching!"

You rapidly pull your hand back before you make someone upset. You have a confused look on your face, but your cock seems to know exactly what it wants still.

"Yeah, what did you think this was?" Liz asks.

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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