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Create Your Own Story is a wiki that contains stories where the reader assumes the role of the main character. In each page, you make a choice that decides how the story should progress. If you don't see an option that you would like to pursue, click the Edit Tab on the top of the page and add a new path to the page then write in your own story for the character.

Please note that this site is specifically for Create Your Own Stories with the ability to select from different choices. If you decide to post a story that has no choices, your story will be deleted as such stories are not appropriate.

We currently have 116,622 articles.

If you're new to this site, please read our Tutorial to learn how to edit stories. Please do not add new stories to the Main Page. Add new stories to the sub-pages for each story type below. New stories added to the Main Page will be removed from the Main Page post haste.

  • Hint: If you don't care enough about your writing to attempt to use proper grammar or spelling, chances are that people won't care to read it. If grammar isn't your strong suit, you may want to look over some Grammatical Tips.

If you want to practice editing, you should do so on the Sandbox.
P.S. To those looking for the adult stories, they are at the bottom of the page, past the warning, so as to prevent any incidental stumbling into adult content and to keep the site reasonably appropriate for all ages.

Got an Idea for a Story?

Go ahead and start it! If you don't have the time or skills to write your idea down, feel free to post the idea down or ask BloodshedPrince (not recommended as his last contribution was October of 2015 and before that August of 2014) and Fredhot16. Don't let that little spark fade, share it with the world!

To Do List

  • Go through and fix or remove status indicators from pages.
    • Some are not needed in certain stories and were copied and pasted from the template. Please edit the template to fit the story.
    • Some are missing the level and MP statuses from the line of code.
  • Remove off-topic pages.
  • Correct capitalization and spelling mistakes.
  • Add a basic, or main, timeline of background events during the period that the character is making choices in - those events are usually out of the character's control. This will help add consistency.
  • Pages with major spelling, grammar or other problems, but not problems that render the page spam and a candidate for deletion, should be categorized in the Pages Requiring Attention Category to get other editors to help fix it up. If a page is not yet complete, add it to Category:Pages Under Construction so people know the editor is still working on it and it does not need to have someone improve it.
  • Story Endings should be categorized with Category:Endings.
  • Erase red links or fill them with the required content.

The Review/Story Reviews

Look under Story Reviews or The Review for reviews of existing stories or to add your own reviews. Story Reviews is abandoned and The Review is still new though, so don't expect your favorite story to be reviewed just yet. Try to stick to constructive criticism only. Deliberate insults or flaming will be deleted.

If you have any questions concerning this section, or you want a certain story to be reviewed, don't be afraid and ask DirtyMeStoryTime. Please wait before adding reviews to The Review for me to set up.

Family-Friendly Stories

FOR ALL AGES: Suitable for anyone with Basic Reading Level skills. Please keep these G-PG.
Please remove any other content that exceeds this.

Goosebumps in Horrorland || 78 Pages ||
Kalew || 72 Pages ||
Madman's Mansion || 67 Pages || (Public)
Percy Jackson: The Adventures of a Demigod || 66 Pages ||
The Kitty in the Window || 73 Pages ||
Visiting the Zoo || 163 Pages ||

All Family-Friendly Stories

PG-13 Stories

FOR 10+: For more advanced readers. Please keep these G to PG-13.
Please remove any content that exceeds this.

Avast! A Pirate Story || 189 Pages || ←Currently featured! Contact me Before Editing
Crusader || 11 Pages || ←Currently Featured!
Crusader 2: Paladin || 11 Pages ||
DARKNESS || 128 Pages ||
Dead Kid || 140 Pages ||
Fantasy Quest || 160 Pages ||
Quest of the Magician || 13 Pages ||
Subject 413 || 120 Pages || (Public)
The Many Rooms || 223 Pages ||
Transylvanian Terror || 159 Pages || (Public)

All PG-13 Stories

Quizzes and Challenges

Not actually stories, but a chance to test your knowledge (or your luck):

A Quizzy Show || 11 Pages ||
CYOS Wiki Quiz || 31 Pages || (Public)
Digimon Quizo'! || 40 Pages ||
Guess What Country The City Is In || 2 Pages || (Public)
Quiz Show || 23 Pages ||
Rock, Paper, Scissors || 50 Pages ||
Rock, Paper, Scissors 2 || 182 Pages ||
The Video Game Quiz || 34 Pages ||
The Video Game Quiz 2 || 65 Pages ||
Trivia Time || 13 Pages ||
Video Games || 57 Pages ||
Video Game Trivia I || 13 Pages ||

All Quizzes and Challenges

Mature Stories

Content normally found in R-rated movies,
no explicit sexual content or sadistic violence:

Agent Black || 90 Pages || (Public)
Segon || 110 Pages ||
Battle Royale || 199 Pages || (Public)
Katarina's Adventures || 83 Pages || (Do Not Edit)
Remember || 83 Pages || ←Previously Featured! (Do Not Edit) Without Permission
Resident Evil || 105 Pages || (Public)
Escape from Syria || 194 Pages || ←Currently Featured!
Spongebob's Day Off || 126 Pages ||

All Mature Stories


  • Don't give too many options when starting a new story and leave half of them redlinked. Focus on a small number of story threads at first.
  • Outline a general plan for what the intention of your story is when you start it, what genre it belongs to and what themes it has.
  • As alternative to plain formatting for your story, you may try using Italics to write the Narration, regular Font for character Dialogue and Bold for Character/Item/Location names or important developments. Example: As you walked through the Forest, you heard a young girl calling out for you. "Jack! Wait for me! I have a gift for you!" Kate runs up to you and gives you the MacGuffin. Whatever style you choose, try to keep it consistent throughout the story.
  • If you are having difficulty spacing out paragraphs, you can use <br>, which works as a line-break.
  • Don't inject crude humor into a story that's intended to be played straight.
  • The characterization of the protagonist, whatever he or she receives, should be consistent from choice to choice. If the protagonist chooses to kill someone and feels a great amount of guilt and regret over it, do not put in a choice where he/she later brags about killing that person unless there is some internal or external justification for it.
  • If you are writing about a franchise such as Dungeons and Dragons or Star Wars, please do some basic research on the setting of the franchise. If, for example, you are writing about a story that is set in the Forgotten Realms world, please do not mention Pelor as while he is a Dungeons and Dragons god, he does not exist in Forgotten Realms. Ilmater, Lathander, and Torm are gods in the Forgotten Realms setting and are acceptable enough to switch with Pelor, as mentioned in the Forgotten Realms 3.5 edition of the Campaign Setting rulebook.
  • Please categorize the pages in your story. For example, if your story is called "The Story", then please add [[Category:The Story]] to each new page you create for your story.

Useful Links

Pit of Abandoned Stories

  • Stories of less than ten pages that haven't been worked on by anyone in some time will be dropped into the Pit. Feel free to retrieve stories from the Pit and put them back on the appropriate story-type page if you get inspired and add to one.

Help Wanted

  • Looking to collaborate on stories? Look here for writers looking for help, or post a link of your own to ask for help.

Featured Stories

  • Featured stories are back! Magikarp7297 is here to judge stories based on length, plot, and how well it fits together. Should be done whenever a new story is featured.


CYOS Drinking Game (Teen/Adult, though you can play with soda or water if you're under the minimum age for drinking alcohol.)


Adult Stories

18+ Only. Do not read these stories if you are underage or if you are offended by adult material.

Smutty Sex Romp || 17,569 Pages || ←Currently Featured! (Public)-For experienced writers with a firm grasp of grammar and spelling only. Any contributions with poor grammar will be immediately deleted.
Rampage || 4,074 Pages || ←Currently Featured! (Public)-but any contributions with poor grammar will be immediately deleted.
Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga || 1,957 Pages || (Public)
+Infinity || 1,471 Pages || (Public)
High School || 1,490 Pages || (Public) Please be creative and disgusting and ridiculous. I wouldn't even mind this turning into a "No One Should Read These."
Dungeons and Dragons || 1,288 Pages || (Public)
Birthday Bottom Boy's Blackout Bar-night || 1,067 Pages || (Do Not Edit)
Good son || 974 Pages || (Public)
Furry World || 1,056 Pages || (Public)
Hot and Horny || 912 Pages || (Public) Please edit!
You Are An Orc || 976 Pages || (Public)
The Humiliation of Katie || 688 Pages || (Public)
Oops! You're Naked! || 696 Pages || (Public)
The Devil's Daughter || 655 Pages || (Public)
Ongoing Story || 617 Pages ||
The End of the World || 573 Pages || (Public)
The Life of a Medieval Princess || 489 Pages || (Public) - but please read the Princess Editor's Guide.
College Girls || 470 Pages || (Public)
Blackmailed || 431 Pages || (Public)
Girl Scout Camp || 430 Pages || (Public)
Interracial Extravaganza || 404 Pages || (Public)
Life of a 13 Year Old || 392 Pages || (Do Not Edit)
Game of Thrones Fantasy || 363 Pages || (Public)

All Adult Stories

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