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William Liberation Program

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Aelita is launching the program.

The William Liberation Program was created by Jeremie in between the episodes Cold Sweat and Down to Earth. He based the program on data that Aelita had gathered from the tower controlling William's teleportation in Cold Sweat. In order for the program to work, Team Lyoko had to go to Replika 4, set up the program in the supercomputer there and activate it when William was devirtualized. After a huge struggle, Team Lyoko managed this task in Down to Earth just before the Skid was destroyed by the Kolossus.

In the beginning of Season 4 Jeremie worked on an early version of the program. But back then Team Lyoko thought that William was somewhere on Lyoko, when in fact he was in the Network. That is the reason why the program failed when Jeremie tested it in the episode Wreck Room.

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