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Network access gate

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A Network Access Gate is a gate that opens and closes to allow the user to enter in and out of Lyoko or a Replika. Replikas' gates have the Eye of XANA on them that acts like a sort of lock. To access the lock on these gates, Aelita uses a device on the Skidbladnir that links up to the supercomputer so Jeremie can crack the code to get it open. The gate is also used for gathering info from the Network. William also uses the gate to get in and out of Lyoko or a Replika. This gate was used twice by Franz Hopper, first when Lyoko was destroyed and second when he transferred data to Jeremie.

Lyoko's (or the replika's) Network Access Gate.
Lyoko's Network Access Gate from the inside.
Lyoko's Network Access Gate from the inside when Lyoko was destroyed before its resurrection.
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