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Lyoko: Decoded

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Lyoko: Decoded is a two-part documentary created by two brothers and their friend who traveled to Paris. Their show is a generalization of the show with exclusive interviews with the voice actors and animators of the show. Their first show is available on YouTube and features guest star Jodi Forrest as the voice of Sissi who acts as co narrator; Jodi Forrest herself appears in interviews along with four of the other voice actors (Sharon's interview is in part 2).

There is a brief description of the show's storyline of how the show evolved from Garage Kids to Code Lyoko and how the producers moved away from Antefilms and towards Moonscoop. The show also contains small amounts of footage of the Lyoko: Decoded producers trip to Paris, including scenes from the former site of the Renault factory which was part of the inspirations for Code Lyoko.

In March of 2010, TB3 announced on LyokoFreak that the second part was 'unlikely to come out'. This was due to him moving on to other things and the fact that all the remaining interviews talked about the upcoming seasons (which was years ago and also disappointed him). He mentioned that he was considering releasing the raw interview footage soon. 1

On December 24, 2011, TB3 released the original interviews of the cast and crew that were meant to be in the second part along with the credits and an original trailer as a Christmas present to LyokoFreak. These videos can be found on his YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RhysDavies86


  • Despite the fact that this was a documentary on a children's TV show, there is a point where the narrator (and Jodi Forrest herself) calls Sissi "A real pain in the ass"
  • Up to this date, Moonscoop have not made any behind-the-scenes documentaries about Code Lyoko. Therefore, Lyoko: Decoded was (and still is) the first and only documentary that actually gave the fans a sneak peek at how Code Lyoko was made.
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