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[edit] Welcome to Cocker's Sunday Service Archive

Since 10th January 2010 Jarvis has presented a weekly radio show on BBC 6 Music. As well as Jarvis' eclectic musical selections, his show often includes interviews with people involved in the arts. Regular features include 'On This Day', notable births and events from this day in history which guide the playlist. In May 2010 Jarvis won the listener-voted Sony DAB Rising Star Award for his show.

In 2014 the show is on hiatus while Jarvis focuses on other creative projects.

[edit] Thank You

Thank you for reading and contributing, this archive is for everyone who loves good music.

[edit] The Download Archive

[edit] 2013

2013-DEC-29 Best of 2013. no link
2013-DEC-22 BRIAN ENO (3). no link
2013-DEC-15 Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood. no link
2013-DEC-08 Art and Music. no link
2013-DEC-01 An American Earworm in London. no link
2013-NOV-24 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN COOPER CLARKE Sits In (7). no link
2013-NOV-17 From Paris with Love. no link
2013-NOV-10 NICK HORNBY (2). no link
2013-NOV-03 Look Back On Lou. no link
2013-OCT-27 Spooky Sunday Sounds. no link
2013-OCT-20 Stereo and Storytelling. no link
2013-OCT-13 NICOLAS ROEG. no link
2013-OCT-06 Sound of Cinema. no link
2013-SEP-29 International Coffee Day. no link
2013-SEP-22 Autumn Equinox. no link
2013-SEP-15 Maudlin Megamix. no link
2013-SEP-08 BOB LIND. no link
2013-SEP-01 September 1st 2013. no link
2013-AUG-18 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** TOM RAVENSCROFT Sits In. no link
2013-AUG-11 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** BOB GELDOF Sits In. no link
2013-AUG-04 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOSHUA HOMME Sits In. no link
2013-JUL-28 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** COLIN GREENWOOD Sits In - South African Music (3). no link
2013-JUL-14 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** COLIN GREENWOOD Sits In (2). no link
2013-JUN-30 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN LYDON Sits In (3). no link
2013-JUN-23 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN LYDON Sits In (2). no link
2013-JUN-16 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN LYDON Sits In (1). no link
2013-JUN-09 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN COOPER CLARKE Sits In (6). no link
2013-JUN-02 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** BOBBY GILLESPIE Sits In (2). no link
2013-MAY-26 From Morrissey to Moondog... no link
2013-MAY-19 John Peel Cassette. no link
2013-MAY-12 Burt Bacharach. no link
2013-MAY-05 Enjoy the Experience. no link
2013-APR-28 Beardytron 5000 Mk II. no link
2013-APR-21 Record Store Day Round-Up. no link
2013-APR-14 A Change Is Gonna Come. no link
2013-MAR-24 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** ALISON MOSSHART Sits In (3). no link
2013-MAR-17 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** ALISON MOSSHART Sits In (2). no link
2013-MAR-10 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** ALISON MOSSHART Sits In (1). no link
2013-MAR-03 Blue Monday Recipe. no link
2013-FEB-24 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN COOPER CLARKE Sits In (5). no link
2013-FEB-17 Let's Go Tripping. no link
2013-FEB-10 Sound of the Underground. no link
2013-FEB-03 Sunday Drive. no link
2013-JAN-27 From Pigeons to Rabbits... no link
2013-JAN-20 Paris Trip. no link
2013-JAN-13 Folsom Prison Anniversary. no link
2013-JAN-06 Epiphany. no link

[edit] 2012

2012-DEC-30 Best of 2012 - Pt 2. no link
2012-DEC-23 Best of 2012 - Pt 1. no link
2012-DEC-16 Release the Pressure. no link
2012-DEC-09 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN COOPER CLARKE Sits In (4). no link
2012-NOV-02 SCOTT WALKER. no link
2012-NOV-25 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN COOPER CLARKE Sits In (3). no link
2012-NOV-18 Emylia Hall Story. no link
2012-NOV-11 An Audio Journey Along Route 66. no link
2012-NOV-04 The Dreich Day. no link
2012-OCT-28 EDNA O'BRIEN. no link
2012-OCT-21 Art and Lux. no link
2012-OCT-14 Celebrating The Velvet Underground. no link
2012-OCT-07 Sheffield Sunday. no link
2012-SEP-30 Nautical Show. no link
2012-SEP-23 Wedding Songs. no link
2012-SEP-16 Religious Sound Tapestry. no link
2012-SEP-09 Africa Express II. no link
2012-SEP-02 Africa Express Special. no link
2012-APR-01 KATHY BURKE. no link
2012-MAR-25 The Spring Tune. no link
2012-MAR-18 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** PAM HOGG Sits In. no link
2012-MAR-11 BBC 6 Music's 10th Birthday Party. no link
2012-MAR-04 I Don't Believe in Jarvis. no link
2012-FEB-26 Oscars Music with JONNY TRUNK. no link
2012-FEB-19 Remembering Dory Previn. no link
2012-FEB-12 GRANT GEE. no link
2012-FEB-05 Kraftwerk Special. no link
2012-JAN-29 LEONARD COHEN. no link
2012-JAN-22 Taking You Further. no link
2012-JAN-15 From Foot-Stompin' to Fame. no link
2012-JAN-08 MICHAEL CLARK Celebrates Bowie. no link
2012-JAN-01 We're Having a Party. no link

[edit] 2011

2011-DEC-25 A Christmas Gift for You from Jarvis Cocker. no link
2011-DEC-18 A Child's Christmas in Radio. no link
2011-DEC-11 Getting Into the Spirit of Things. no link
2011-DEC-04 PADGETT POWELL? no link
2011-NOV-27 ANDREW LOGAN. no link
2011-NOV-20 Leonard Cohen's Song. no link
2011-NOV-13 L'automne a Londres. no link
2011-NOV-06 Ballad of Sir Jimmy Savile. no link
2011-OCT-30 LAWRENCE of Felt. no link
2011-OCT-23 Audio Muesli no link
2011-OCT-16 Basil Rathbone's Nightingale and the Rose. no link
2011-OCT-09 John Lennon's Birthday. no link
2011-OCT-03 ANDREW MOTION. no link
2011-SEP-25 Let's Call It the Saints Show no link
2011-SEP-11 September 11th 2011. no link
2011-SEP-04 The Backlog Prog. no link
2011-AUG-28 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** MATTHEW WRIGHT Sits In. no link
2011-AUG-21 Djarvis Returns from His Travels. no link
2011-AUG-14 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JEREMY DELLER Sits In. no link
2011-AUG-07 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JULIAN BARRATT Sits In. no link
2011-JUL-31 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** CORNERSHOP Sit In with Baxter Dury. no link
2011-JUL-24 BRIAN ENO (2). no link
2011-JUL-17 ROGER McGOUGH. no link
2011-JUL-10 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** STEVE DAVIS Sits In no link
2011-JUL-03 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** NICK HORNBY Sits In with James Walbourne. no link
2011-JUN-26 Glastonbury 2011. no Sunday Service
2011-JUN-19 SIMON REYNOLDS. no link
2011-JUN-12 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** MARIANNE FAITHFULL Sits In with Patrick Wolf. no link
2011-JUN-05 ALAN VEGA at Primavera. no link
2011-MAY-29 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JERRY DAMMERS Sits In. no link
2011-MAY-22 ADAM CURTIS. no link
2011-MAY-15 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** GAZ MAYALL Sits In with Chris Salewicz. no link
2011-MAY-08 Sir David Attenborough on Singing. no link
2011-MAY-01 CAROLINE COON. no link
2011-APR-24 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** BOBBY GILLESPIE Sits In with Mick Jones (1). no link
2011-APR-17 BBC Vinyl Archives. no link
2011-APR-10 Miranda July's Majesty. no link
2011-APR-03 DORIAN LYNSKEY. no link
2011-MAR-27 BOBBY GILLESPIE. no link
2011-MAR-20 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** PAUL MORLEY Sits In. no link
2011-MAR-13 Jarvis Brings Back the Boredom. no link
2011-MAR-06 ANDREW HUSSEY. no link
2011-FEB-27 MICHAEL HOROVITZ. no link
2011-FEB-20 Music of Sheffield. no link
2011-FEB-13 Paris Show. no link
2011-FEB-06 DAVID ARNOLD on John Barry. no link
2011-JAN-30 TAYLOR PARKES. no link
2011-JAN-23 JEREMY DYSON. no link
2011-JAN-16 A Decision Is Made - Zodiac. no link
2011-JAN-09 Scott Walker Special. no link
2011-JAN-02 New Year 2011. no link

[edit] 2010

2010-DEC-26 Boxing Day Highlights Show. no link
2010-DEC-19 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** SIR PETER BLAKE Sits In. no link
2010-DEC-12 Susan Philipsz and Raina Lampkins-Fielder. no link
2010-DEC-05 NICK HORNBY (1). no link
2010-NOV-28 DAVID CUNNINGHAM. no link
2010-NOV-21 GARTH JENNINGS. no link
2010-NOV-14 MATTHEW HERBERT. no link
2010-NOV-07 BRIAN ENO. no link
2010-OCT-31 GUILLERMO DEL TORO at Hallowe'en. no link
2010-OCT-24 KEN LOACH. no link
2010-OCT-17 GAZ MAYALL. no link
2010-OCT-10 SALMAN RUSHDIE. no link
2010-OCT-03 Un-Convention. no link
2010-SEP-26 Ted Hughes on Fishing and Thinking. no link
2010-SEP-19 Birthday Megamix. no link
2010-SEP-12 NICK CAVE. no link
2010-SEP-05 Voyager Golden Record. no link
2010-AUG-29 GRAYSON PERRY. no link
2010-AUG-22 TIM SMIT. no link
2010-AUG-15 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN COOPER CLARKE Sits In (2). no link
2010-AUG-08 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** JOHN COOPER CLARKE Sits In (1). no link
2010-AUG-01 Ted Hughes on Memorising Poetry. no link
2010-JUL-25 Port Eliot. no link
2010-JUL-18 Latitude. no link
2010-JUL-11 Meditation with Alan Watts. no link
2010-JUL-04 JOHN COOPER CLARKE. no link
2010-JUN-27 Glastonbury Special. Jarvis continues the last full day of Glastonbury coverage, live from Worthy Farm. no Sunday Service
2010-JUN-20 Father's Day. no link
2010-JUN-13 ANDREW WK. no link
2010-JUN-06 MARK LECKEY. no link
2010-MAY-30 ADAM CURTIS. no link
2010-MAY-23 Tate @10. no link
2010-MAY-16 Barbara Windsor Reads Cinderella. no link
2010-MAY-09 Arthur Lowe Reads Mr Noisy. no link
2010-MAY-02 MICHAEL PALIN. no link
2010-APR-25 ***GUEST PRESENTER*** RICHARD & CANDIDA Sit In. no link
2010-APR-18 Bill Drummond's 17. no link
2010-APR-11 LAURIE ANDERSON. no link
2010-APR-04 SIR PETER BLAKE. no link
2010-MAR-28 MAX EASTLEY. no link
2010-MAR-21 JOHN HURT. no link
2010-MAR-14 Mother's Day. no link
2010-MAR-07 SONIC BOOM - Delia Derbyshire. no link
2010-FEB-28 Scottish Show. no link
2010-FEB-21 GAVIN TURK. no link
2010-FEB-14 Valentine's Day. no link
2010-FEB-07 JULIEN TEMPLE. no link
2010-JAN-31 JEREMY DELLER. no link
2010-JAN-24 CHILLY GONZALES. no link
2010-JAN-17 BAXTER DURY. no link
2010-JAN-10 JOHN HILLCOAT. no link

[edit] Extras

1999-MAR-08 *CLASSIC INTERVIEW* Jarvis Cocker on Blur's Parklife Essential albums - 1999-03-08 BBC Lamacq Live FM
1995-NOV-16 *CLASSIC INTERVIEW* Jarvis is interviewed and guest DJs on Paris radio - 1995-11-16 Paris FM
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