Evette and Schaeffer serial numbers

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Serial numbers, dates, and identifying characteristics from various sources. Some wildly improbable dates (usually attributable to misunderstanding of Buffet serial number lists) have been omitted. Included dates are not necessarily accurate.

Interesting reading here and here.

[edit] No letters

Serial Date Source Markings Case and notes
2027  ? eBay 9/06 On bell and top joint: "Evette & Schaeffer" / "Paris" / "France" in oval. "Modele Buffet-Crampon" below oval. Rectangular case, brown w/ brown lining, w/ lift clasps, holding barrel separate (maybe room for 2nd barrel or reed case), rear compartment.
56xx  ? eBay 9/06 Modele Buffet-Crampon. Rounded rectangular case, black w/ blue lining, w/ lift clasps, holding barrel separate, L side compartment.

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