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Name: Daegmund Wulfricson

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: Human



Daegmund stands at 5'7, with a broad, muscular build. He has unkempt dark brown shoulder length hair framing an angular face with high cheekbones, sharp stubble-covered chin and grey eyes. His nose is slightly larger than normal and is crooked, bending slightly to the left. He is missing part of his left pinky finger from the third joint. He wears hobnailed boots, rust-coloured leg bindings, brown trousers, a plain forest green undershirt, an orange tunic with green and yellow tablet weave decorating the neckhole and sleeves and a custard yellow tunic bound with a plain copper pin. He also wears a leather gambeson, chainmail byrnie and a basic, slightly rusty, nasalled spangenhelm with a noticeable dent in it above the right eye. The mail has a spear-sized hole in the belly which has been patched with boiled leather. He has a large bruised lump above his right eye, which is swollen shut.


Daegmund values three things above all. In order, they are family, honour and wealth. Assuming you haven't insulted either of the first two, he is fairly amiable, though a bit tight-fisted, unless it would give him honour to spend coin. If you have insulted them though, you're in trouble. It doesn't matter what your social standing or level of armament is, he will seek satisfaction. Depending on the level of offense, this could mean anything from a simple apology to death. He tends to keep his business to himself and not pry into the affairs of others unless asked or he sees that they really do need his help (For example, he wouldn't give a mother tips on how to control her bratty/misbehaving children, but if her husband was beating her, he'd give the man a good drubbing.).


Daegmund was the fourth child of six boys and two girls, children of a farmer living near the village of Bearghurst, about a week's journey to the southwest of Tanbar. They were raised to beleive in loyalty and honour. It was not a wealthy farmstead, and his father could barely manage to pay the rent and feed his children at the same time. When they reached manhood, Daegmund and all his brothers except the eldest two were sent away to find their own place in the world so as to allow their aging father some peace and respite. With them gone, there would be much more money left over at the end of the month. After a week of travelling, the Wulfricson brothers reached Tanbar. The merchant town promised jobs and money. Not having any relevant skills other than strength, the four brothers borrowed some cash, outfitted themselves with basic weapons and hired themselves out as guards for the merchant's shops. They were young and strong from working on the farm. They were hired within days. Soon, they had enough money to pay back their debt and as time passed they became wealthier, shrewdly managing their funds so they could afford decent clothes, weapons and armour, food and a roof over their heads while still able to send a fair amount back to their family on the farm. When the bandits attacked, the brothers defended their employer's property fiercely, even after the merchant himself had fled. This cost Daegmund's brothers their lives, and he himself took such a blow to the head that he was mistaken for a fourth corpse.


  • Skilled handaxe fighter
  • Skilled staff fighter
  • Good at finances



  • He took a heavy blow to the head during the attack. Because of this he is wounded and concussed. Expect slurred speech, stumbling, etc. until he's recovered.
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