STOP SPAMMING THE DAMN WIKI! Not only are you ruining the wiki, you are also showing people that you have nothing better to do than to slather other people's hard work with your idiocy and c***! I don't give a damn if you hate Clan, just say it somewhere else, don't say it on other people's hard work! If you guys are doing this to boost your own ego, you need to think to yourself: "Hmm, am I doing this just because I hate Clan and I'm willing to have some points knocked off of my Self-esteem, or because I just feel like it?". If you're doing it just because you hate Clan, WHINE ABOUT IT ON A BLOG. If you're doing it because you hate Clan and Bonus Stage, STOP WATCHING BONUS STAGE AND DON'T GO WHERE CLAN DWELLS. Is it so hard to just leave the wiki alone? Stop spamming and do something productive with your life.

Thank you for your time. --AATFC

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From Bsfextra Level

All are welcome as long as they don't vandalise. Edit as much as you like, but do not compete with other users for Edit counts. Contribute to the script by suggesting a few plotlines, or maybe you want to make a whole episode. Extra Level is the expansion set of Bonus Stage, in case you're wondering for what the definition is.

Also, everyone's opinion is acceptable here.

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