Scarlette Delcroix

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Name: Scarlette Delcroix

Age: 24

Occupation: 'Scavenger' - at least that's what she calls herself. Other people would call her a thief.

Appearance: Scarlette is quite small in stature, not much taller than 5'4", with relatively short black hair, greyish-green eyes and pale skin. She tends to wear practical clothes that are easy to get around in (or make escapes in, whichever is necessary) but she is a slave to "pretty things", which could be counted as one of her failings - she hates to leave sparkly things behind, which has led her into trouble on more than one occasion. Always wears a long, dark brown leather trenchcoat and carries a very battered but beautifully carved miniature pocketwatch - these two objects are the only things she possesses that can still be called 'hers'.

Nationality: Born in Ireland, but left a few years before the Event, moving to London.

Weapon of choice: Scarlette prefers improvised weapons - a piece of broken glass, a wrench, a brick - anything she can lay her hands on, really. If there's nothing to hand, then out come the teeth and fingernails. Her fighting style is what could be called "extremely vulgar".

Attire: Scarlette tends to wear clothes that will blend in, in shades of brown and black. When outside she wears a bandana to shield her mouth, and more often than not a pair of goggles that otherwise stay perched on her head most of the time. As mentioned, she always wears a dark brown leather trenchcoat and also a pair of heavy leather boots - not the most practical of shoes for her profession, perhaps, but she's loathe to change them.

Background: Scarlette was born in Ireland, to a group of travellers. She lived a contended life as a child, discovering from a very young age that she had light fingers and therefore swiping little trinkets from people whenever the chance arose. When she was 14, she got bored of the travelling life and upped and left for London, hoping to find a decent trade there. There was none to be found for a girl of such young age, except only the most sordid, so Scarlette returned to what she'd been doing all her life - theft. This left her in good stead once the Event took place, as whilst other people had to adapt to suddenly scavenging for their necessities, she just carried on with what she'd been doing all her life, building up a hefty cache of spoils within an old abandoned warehouse. But now she's looking farther afield. She wants to spread her limits and go for something bigger, something better - it's just a matter of what...

Steam and Sand

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