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Name: Pierre Francois Jacques Chevalier Age: 30 Origin: French Canadian frontiersman; formerly part of a backwoods militia force which has been absorbed into the Canadian military. His personality is characterized by eccentric and sometimes antisocial behavior brought on by years of isolation and solitude in the wilderness. Despite being largely self-educated, he is highly literate, although he doesn’t like to show this side of himself. Occupation: Sniper. Cover Occupation: Cartographer/ Landscape Artist.

Skills: Expertise with firearms, wilderness skills, basic first aid skills, mapmaking/ cartographic skills, can speak and write in French, English, several First Nations languages, and Latin.

Weapons: 1874 Sharps Rifle in .45-70 Government, Tomahawk, Bowie Knife. Equipment:

• Compass and set of maps.

• Extra set of dry clothing.

• Emergency rations (pemmican, beef jerky, hard tack, salt pork).

• Canteen and improvised water filter.

• Numerous first aid related items.

• Pocket Knife.

• Flint and steel.

• Bow drill.

• Police Whistle.

• Signaling Mirror/ Heliograph.

• Kerosene Lantern and fuel.

• Sewing Kit.

• Rain Poncho.

• Traps for small animals.

• Journal, quill pen, and ink.

• Snowshoes.

• Mapmaking/ cartographic equipment.

A character that might have been, but never was. My participation in this RP has been cancelled. Back to 1. The Log of the HMAS Marigold

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