Mark Peiterson

From Brass Goggles

Sgt. Mark Pieterson (16 December 1877, Lowell, Massachusetts - N/A), was an American (also considered third generation British) recipient of the Sliver Star (for Galantry) during the First World War. Pieterson was one of seven Soldiers to be awarded the Silver Star for his actions on 2 September 1918. Pieterson was a graduate of University of Massachusetts Lowell. In 1895, he joined the 3rd US infantry. On October 5, 1898 in Sugar Point, Pieterson and two other men gave covering fire to protect the main retreat, remaining on the field until every wounded man had been attended to. He dressed the wounds of a seriously hurt officer under terrific fire, and with the help of his own men, he succeeded in evacuating the officer to safety. Immediately afterwards, he rushed forward in full view of the enemy to attend Major Melville C. Wilkinson, even after he himself was hit in the shoulder with a arrow. On 14 May 1899 on at the Awards Ceremony he met Brigider class general Thomas Stratford. Who he still has a close friendship with to this day. Later he, at Stratfords recomendation he was posted to the command the 2nd Close Quarters Division as part of the wider effort to create a armed force to defend the dreadnoughts and possibly board other ships.He is currently serving on the USAS Hammer.

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