Lord Alexander Hawthorne

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Name: Lord Alexander Hawthorne

Age: Late Twenties

Origin: Earl of Halifax. Inherited his title early after his parents died in the first that destroyed is ancestral home. Now lives in comfortable rooms in London above his newly furnished Gentleman’s club

Occupation: Member of the Diplomatic Engineering Corps. Sometimes a spy, often a Diplomat, habitually an advisor on foreign policy to Whitehall.

Cover Occupation: Gentleman of Leisure. Owner of Hawthorne’s Gentleman’s club, a club for those who find White’s and Brook’s decidedly too political

Skills: Luck - Hawthorne has an uncanny ability to cope in situations he is not trained for; He has landed a plane with no formal training, disarmed a bomb by sheer good fortune and picked the lock to handcuffs to escape capture. But who knows when his luck might run out. Beside that he has his wits and charm to fall back on and if they fail, he knows his way around a handgun.

Weaponry (2 to 3 only, please): A small revolver tucked into the lining of his suit.

Equipment: Clothing for practically every occasion, a gentleman’s travel case for personal grooming. A pocket watch that can, if properly set be used as a small explosive charge. A bowtie that, when looped over a zip line, will support the weight of two people. A strongly weaved shirt that gives slight protection form small arms and acts as a protection against tragically unplanned stabbings. Impeccably polished shoes which, when activated emit a radio wave beacon that can be tracked by those with a proper receiver. Essentially random and somewhat inconsequential spy things.

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