Jennifer Sheenan

From Brass Goggles

Name: Jennifer 'Jen' Sheehan Age: 18 Nationality: Irish Appearance: Jen is approximately 5'4" in height. Her brown hair flows past her waist when loose, but she primarily wears it in a braid that she 'sews' to her head with a blue ribbon. She usually wears a simple brown dress, or tan trousers held up with worn braces, a white shirt and navy waistcoat. Hob nailed boots complete both ensembles.

Bio: Jen was born on a farm in the midlands of Ireland. Dreaming of a new, more glamorous life in the bright lights of London, she saved her pennies from the age of seven. Her grandmother raised her, and taught her all she knew of folk medicine, petty quackery and what the neighbours supersticiously called witchcraft, curses and charms.

Eventually she made enough money to afford her fare over, with just enough for some basic accommodation and dreams of making a name for herself in London.

Jen's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London.

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