From Brass Goggles

Zombie-like victims of the Greenmouth Catatonia; There are four stages:

Normalcy stage A freshly-bitten victim that has yet to have the parasite hatch.

Stage One: Coloring Happens hours to days after normalcy. Has some parasite breeding but is not completely ruled by it yet. May not be completely integrated in the hive mind, and takes longer to react and has a milder reaction to Starling's anti-fungal. Slightly less dangerous and has a very pale green coloration.

Stage Two: Rage Happens up to a week after normalcy. Has extensive parasite breeding and partial hive mind integration. Vivid green coloration and slight musty sent from fungus growth. Has a strong reaction to Starling's anti-fungal, up to and including intense pain, foaming of the mouth, bleeding from the eyes and disorientation. Highly dangerous and fast. Called "The Swarm" when in groups.

Stage three: Juggernaut Happens a few weeks up to a month after normalcy. Has full hive mind integration and large muscular growths. Deep green almost black coloration and a heavy musty sent from fungus growth. Has a strong reaction to Starling's anti-fungal but it takes a very large dose and a long tome for it to get past the infections defenses. Highly dangerous and slow but with monstrous strenght. Called a "Ruling Mind" by the crewfolk and denizens of the Dagger.

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