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[edit] A brief summary

Googles are an essential part of everyday items. They protect your eyes, which are quite valuable.

[edit] Goggles in relation to steampunk

Goggles are object that have become synonymous with steampunk, whether it is to your liking or otherwise. However there is much controversy over how essential they are to steampunk. Either way they are a d*mn usefull thing for keeping your eyes where and how they should be.

[edit] Types of goggles

  • Gas Goggles

Not to be confused with gas-mask goggles These are darkened goggles used for gas welding or similar low temperature welding. They enable the welder to see more accurately what he is doing- while it is possible to gas weld without such goggles, it is liable to cause damage to the eye- this causes a condition known as "lazer eye" where the sufferer has a perminant bright spot in his vision- Be safe when welding wear goggles.

  • Glacier goggles

These are goggles primarily designed to protect the eyes against snow blindness- tainted glasses being of little use as they have holes in the side through which unfiltered light may still reach the eyes. They also have the added benifit of protecting ones ocular region when a cold wind picks up, or blizzards begin to howl.

  • Lab Goggles/workshop goggles/PPE goggles

Modern lab goggles are usualy made of clear plastic, however more traditional designs are comprised of glass lenses, with wire frames and mesh sideguards. These Goggles are not designed to protect against intense light levles, rather they prevent odds and ends from getting in your eye. In the EU. it is now a requirement that all minions must be provided with goggles if requested. Despite the stylishness of traditional goggles the author would not recomend them when working with nasty liquids as modern ones protect better against splashes, and acid in your eye is best avoided. However for machining, older models are (in the authors opinion) far superior, as they scratch less, and are often of sturdier construction.

[edit] miscalanious

Do you value your ocular apparatus? -if so wear goggles

[edit] Links to look at

http://www.atomefabrik.com/ -A purveyor of many fine Goggles.

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