Dr. Starling Scott

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Name: Starling Scott


Origin:English girl that grew up in the forests of India but was educated in London and much prefers the former to the latter.

Occupation: Experimental botanist, Medical researcher possible avatar of a death god.

Cover Occupation: Nurse

Skills:Full medical degree with specialization in toxins. Survival skills mainly for wooded temperate to tropical zones. Advanced understanding of poisons and organic chemistry. Large game hunter mainly for large cats that came too close to her home. Excellent flyer with a wing pack. A vast magical talent she is only beginning to understand.

Weaponry (2 to 3 only, please):Blow gun with darts, machete, Old Betsy a very large and powerful blunderbuss. Equipment:Water purification tablets, notebooks of jungle flora, rope, sample collection kit and a very small lab for testing plant samples.

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