Charlotte J. Skinner

From Brass Goggles

Name: Charlotte J. Skinner

Age: 28

Occupation: Former Captain of the Amelia Airheart, Airship Pirate Pilot

Appearance: Skinner is a modest 5'6", but square in the shoulder and strong in the arm. She has the marks of battle and hard, manual work on her flesh and voice. Her nose has a thick scar running across the bridge, and is usually smudged with soot and oil around the jaw and cheeks. She has the faintest dusting of freckles, which seems to match her Tangerine-Ginger hair, that is tangled and knotted, pulled into a ponytail, and sporting messy, uneven bangs. Her eyes are a deep blue, and skirted with dark shadows from wind burn and sleepless nights. She speaks hoarsely from shouting over desert winds, and also perhaps by choice, as if to make herself sound formidable.

Nationality: Born in the port of Brizzle (Bristol to you and I), Free Lands of Mercia. The Local Yokel.

Weapon of choice: A cutlass for close quarters combat, and a revolver in a pinch.

Attire: A tan-coloured Duster coat, reminiscent of the Western cowfolks she stole it from. A blue flannel shirt, in the typical check style, black suspender left untucked and long over her sturdy blue jeans. Around her hips was a leather utility belt, with a scabbard for the cutlass on one side, and a holster on the other for the revolver. Her feet are clad in heavy steel-toed leather boots, with boot-straps helping her maintain grip on the terrain as well as hold the cuffs of her jeans in place over them, to keep the sand out. Lastly, a wide brimmed hat, her tinted Sun-goggles resting against the peak, and a red afgan scarf was wrapped around her neck, ready to be pulled up over her nose.

Background: Skinner was born into a humble family, first born and namesake of a merchant trader that worked first with the sea out of Bristol Harbour, and next with the sky as dirigible travel became a popular and useful form of transport. Soon after her birth, her family exploded. She is one of Seven, and an extra four orphans that her kind hearted mother couldn't bare to turn away. She became used to living on bread alone and learnt to take joy in the simple things, and making the most of the valuable asset that is the family unit. She became, despite her roguish self, an optimist. She joined her father when she was young and should have been going to school, and has subsequently lost out on education- she has the reading age of a seven year old, and the handwriting of a drunken ox with no hooves. She has trouble with basic mathematics, but can add and subtract fine- that's all you need in trade, anyhow, as long as you have smart folk somewhere in your crew. Her real boon is in her experience- she has a gentle hand on machines, and has performed many tasks for Queen and Country, at least, before The Event. She's better with a sword than she is with a gun, and is frankly a poor shot if she's on the run and under pressure. After The Event, she leant heavily on her skills in merchantry and took an avid interest in the Scavengers, dabbling in it herself, as well as searching for new ways to exploit the desert terrain of this strange new England- namely, the secretive production of Opium.

Steam and Sand

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