Captain Fuchsian 'Lackadaisical' May

From Brass Goggles

With a love of classic dirigibles, Captain Fuchsian May's first personal dirigible was a beaten-down whelp of a craft. It had far too many air miles and a tendency to deflate if travelling at an altitude higher than 20ft. She had purchased this after saving up from her job as a part-time review journalist and wedding pianist back on the ground in the UK.

Deciding that there were better crafts out there (no decision was needed, really, it was the truth), she moved from job to job, finally collecting enough stuff and bits from other people's dirigibles to make a living as a trader specialising in antiquities, engineering parts and science. This venture proved fruitful enough for her to purchase a classic personal dirigible for travel, named Sweet Raccoon's Tail. An accident involving pirates looking at someone else soon renamed it Sweet Raccoon's Arse when the tail-propeller was blown off (the hydraulic windows still work, as well as the stupidly loud horn). She is still in the mercantile business and travels around in Sweet Raccoon's Arse, recommending and refuting her wares.

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