Captain Adelaide Haversham (Red Addy)

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[edit] Early History

Petunia Stockton was all the rage in the scientific circles of London when she introduced her mobile utility lobsters and to this day they are widely considered some of the finest aether powered Bio-automatons yet created. While she was crossing the country on a lecture tour she met Nathanial Haversham and it was love at first sight. Marriage and a child followed in quick succession. Adelaide spent more time when she was growing up with her mother's lobsters than with people. Leading to her speaking only in the clicks and chirps of the lobsters for many years before learning how to speak English. She is still far more likely to click if shocked or angry. Toby was born just days after she was and they are close as brother and sister. Toby's mother Cordila acted as parent to both children leading to a rather unorthodox education for Addy.

[edit] The Look Out Bellow

After Petunia's death Nathanial's airship mania took on new and disturbing depth. Addy learned how to fend for herself early on and it was only under her and Cordila's care that Nathanial didn't work himself to the grave. The ship was the main focus of Nathanial Haversham after his wife died on a deep sea research vessel. Adelaide often found herself playing second fiddle to her sky born sister as the ship came to be known.

Sleek aluminum with scarlet trim that is always well maintained. Has a divided gondola with workshops and living quarters separated by the twin engines. The workshop walls are well reinforced and it is on a separate ventilation system. Cargo is stored in a central bay above the engines and serves as a connector between the two halves. Most rooms connect to both an interior hallway and the exterior gangway.

[edit] Forced in to Piracy

Nathanial went in to some very bad business deals to fund his dream that ended getting him arrested for buying goods that turned out to be stolen. The government tried to seize the ship when the took him but Addy and the family's lobster servants managed to launch The Look Out Bellow before they could get the hanger surrounded.

Addy was shot in the shoulder and Toby lost a claw but they recovered. By the time they were healthy again it became obvious that running the ship was going to be an expensive endeavor and the British government was hot on their heels so they turned to smuggling to keep themselves aloft. In the last few years some of Addy's inventions and mechanical work has started to pull in some money but the have a long way yet until they can go clean. Addy is currently searching for some one willing to help her free her father from prison before his ill health sends him to see his wife.

[edit] Currently

Docking at Nate's place a small artificial island just off the coast of Corsica to plan a jail brake.

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