Capt.Hieronymus Black

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[edit] General description

Around 5'8 muscular from working on airships for many years before purchasing his own. Green eyes, black hair that is always tamed in to a fashionable style. A small scar on his cheek just below his right eye from a knife fight he isn't very proud of. He normally wears black pants a long black pea coat with his own symbol on the breast of a green star on a blue circle.

[edit] Bad beginnings

Born in to the depths of London's underworld and looked up to the local bosses but lacked the respect for authority to work his way up the hierarchy. Left aboard an airship as soon as he was able has never looked back. Won his own ship through hard work, trickery and theft in equal measures. Unsatisfied with the funds and respect earned in legal trade he turned to smuggling and that led him to more risky and rewarding ventures.

[edit] A life of crime

On tips that the arms and technology market in Russia was paying well for anything and everything it could get it's hands on he stared looking for some one that could provide him with a way in. After several scientists and engineers either were unable to deliver functioning prototypes or used his money to develop something and then stole it to sell on their own he decided that from then on he was going to be in his control at all times.

He found Emma through one of his oldest contacts who warned him that she was odd and that if he didn't act fast their were others who might turn their eyes her way. The contact even gave him something that was guaranteed to make her stay for a small extra fee. She was safely aboard The Star within the week and the French scientist's notes kept her there. Capitan Hieronymus may not have had any scientific skills on his own but he excelled at finding criminal applications for whatever was at hand. Emma created and he marketed and they were successful even if Emma had no clue what was going on.

[edit] Today

With Emma's escape on the Boheme, Black has made a shaky truce with the Russians in hopes of getting her back. Currently in London, having failed to catch Emma once again. Even when he discovered the inhumanity of his employers, he continued to relentlessly torment Emma. To his surprise, he was finally killed when he was stabbed by Emma on board his burning airship, ending his tyrannical exploits. He and his whole crew were lost to the swamps near New Orleans.

Black's activities and foul deeds can be found in Steam London.

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