From Brass Goggles

The most North-West Colony is separated from the other Colonies by Maiden’s lake and the Ciren River to the South. It is heavily wooded, with only small parts of farming land near the only major city, Borealis. While a Colony, and a loyal one when called upon, the Albionorians have always remained a bit distant from the other Colonies. They have been known to send hunting parties over the Nokken River into the Frontier, a strange place where few men venture. They also have an affinity and alliance with the small nations of Lagua and Markland – a treaty known as the “Raven Alliance.” While Albionoria should technically swear fealty only to the government in Portal-Whitesmith, the Colonies have never had conflicts with Lagua and Markland. As well, the Colonies value the Albionorians for their military prowess and would not dare start conflict with them, or risk losing their allegiance. The Albionorians, contrary to their reputation, are a quiet and respectful people, who enjoy good company and solitude in equal measure. They have a very firm belief in goodness and honour, however. When they believe there is wrong being done on Dark, their men done their greatcoats, steel helmets and their fearsome gasmasks. They grab their long rifles with the ubiquitous bayonet and board their unique Hammer Ships, airships bristling with the most advanced artillery pieces, being the best airships at a range. The Mourning-Pipes are played loud and the barrage of righteous fury descends from the sky onto those who dared wake this sleeping beast within these peaceful people. Finally, through the smoke and choking dust, the Albionorians will march to doom and to victory, a fearsome spectacle, their expressionless faces and droning pipes grinding the enemy to the ground, where they make the final kill at the end of a bayonet. No quarter is given or asked and retreat and surrender is unknown. And when the enemy is broken, if he be human, he will be treated with respect and dignity. It is no wonder the Colonies hold dear their cousins in the wild north-west.

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