Admiral Horace Bicker

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Name : Horace Bicker Age : 24 Nationality: British Physical appearance Horace is a rougeish, handsome man standing at about 6'2" with an athletic build. He sports a dark brown, dreadlocked ponytail with copper and brass piping extruding from it and a finely-combed set of mutton chops. His eyes are a dark, but intense, blue color. On Horace's forehead rest a pair of ornate black and copper goggles with dark green lenses, one of which has a star with an eye in the center etched into it. His most common outfit is a black, pinstriped vest adorned with airship pilot wings from his fallen enemies, fine white shirt with a wingtip collar under which is a black-on-black paisley-patterned cravat. His pants are of the same pattern as his vest and are tucked into black, knee-high leather boots with many buckles and straps. Various criss-crossing belts and bandoliers hold ammunition for his twin blunderbuss pistols and other items necessary for a sky pirate. His tan skin is a canvas for the tattoo artist's ink, and he often rolls up his shirt sleeves to expose this.

Profession: Sky Pirate Captain, Explorer, Treasure Hunter and Purveyor of the Occult Arts

Items of Note Twin Blunderbuss-style Pistols which Horace affectionately calls "Hex" and "Vex" Their barrels are adorned with ornate carvings of occult symbols, supposedly giving them magical and possibly unholy power. Ornate Goggles Horace will tell anyone that the star etched into the right lense is known as an "Elder Sign" and that it protects him from all manner of "servants of dark gods."

Horace is also the captain of the airship, "HMS Malleus." It's design is essentially a pirate ship suspended from a dirigible-style balloon.

Horace's current activities can be found it Steam London

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