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First, you need 3 tennis balls, this game works better with a picket fence and that if the bar on the fence in the tennis court is going across on the outside of the court, if a support bar going up and down, top left corner, go right 12 spaces in the fence holes, stick a ball in there, ball #2, go left/down diagnal 8 spaces, place ball in hole (chain-link fence, hopefully big enough to easily hold a tennisball), ball #3, go right/down diagnal 8 spaces, place ball in hole, then, stand in the green part of the court, where a white line meets the red and green, when playing, make sure your foot is NOT touching the red, but on the green, then, with ball #4 and a racket, try to hit the ball on the balls, in the triangle or in the line in between any of the 2/3 balls

A 7x7x7 diagram that I made


(This is only a diagram, if you really try this, make the tennis balls go 9x9x9)

The ways to "strike" / "get out"

(cause of my found baseball addiction, you get 3 tries per "inning" :P, 9 innings total, depending if you're playing home or away)

1/5. swing the racket and miss hitting the ball

2/5. hitting the ball at the fence, but missing the triangle

3/5. hitting the ball onto the ground first

4/5. hitting the ball over the fence

5/5. (WARNING) hitting the ball at the fence, then letting it roll to another court, make sure your tennis ball stays within your court limits


1/2. hitting the ball through the fence out of the triangle

2/2. (3 retries) someone interferes with the ball

specials (stick)

1/1. hitting the ball then getting it stuck in the fence, make sure it's stuck in there for 5+ seconds, if it falls out before that, it counts as a strike/out.

During a game, if 3 sticks have happened, no matter who scores them, when the 4th stick is made, that person scores 1 point, example

(this happened between Brett and me) Stick order: James, Brett, James, Brett Brett scored a point cause he made the 4th stick

After 1 point, you keep record of all the sticks you make in one game, but to score another point off sticks, you have to start a brand new 4


  • 1. 1 Point Scoring: ~single / in~
    • 1. Hitting The Ball in the triangle area then it bounces off, includes the 3 balls in the fence (don't let it bounce or roll into another court)
  • 2. make the 4th over-all stick outside the triangle, as mentioned above
    • 2 Point Scoring: ~double~
      • 1. hit the ball into the triangle in the center areas and hope it stays in for 5+ seconds, if it falls before that into your court, it counts only as a single
  • 3 Point Scoring: ~triple~
    • 1. hit the ball into the triangle in the line inbetween any of the two tennis balls placed in there as the set-up, if it falls before that into your court, it counts only as a single
  • 4 Point Scoring: ~goal~
    • 1. hitting the ball through any hole in the triangle making it leave the court you're in, including the triple spot, if the ball gets stuck for 5 seconds in the triangle, the ~through~ is destroyed, even if it falls out of the court, it becomes a double or triple, depending on which area in the triangle it lands
    • 2. hitting the ball in the center picket of the triple line will now grant you a "goal" (2008+)
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