Army Men

From Best Pants Ever

SEASON 1: 7/3/2010 - 9/25/2010
1 | Assemble Men! There’s A War Going On!
2 | Wake Up! It’s Time For That Basic Training Stuff Y’all Hate!
3 | For Crying Out Loud! I Didn’t Say You Could Lie Down!
4 | This Boy Is So Full Of Potential! I Think He’ll Be A Ballet Dancer In The Future!
5 | Does Anybody Here Know How To Throw A Grenade? Hmm??
6 | Don’t Let Those Girls Fool You! Their Presence Is The Enemy, So Fire!
7 | Today Begins The Final Test…Who Can Tell Me What That Is?
8 | It’s Time For War Men! On The Count Of 1...Get Going!…1!…I Said Get Going!
9 | That’s It! Way To Go! Alright! Big Head Start For Us!…He Got Their Flag!
10 | He Totally Can’t Operate Big Machinery! He Crushed Every Last Outhouse!
11 | You Know What…This War…I Think It’s Fixed
12 | The Daily Cycle: Wake Up, Eat, Go To War, Eat Again, Go To War, Sleep
13 | Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!…Well, Aren’t You Going To Pull The Trigger Stupid?

SEASON 2: 6/4/2011 - 9/3/2011
14 | You’d Better Watch It Or Your Vacation Is Going To Be Right Here!
15 | The Second War Begins…What’s Dumb Is The First Never Ended
16 | You Did What! How Could You Betray Us Men Like That!…You…Something!
17 | I’m In Charge From Now On, Bad For You Though I Always Was In Charge! Ha!
18 | Men, You Were Once Girls, Many Years Later, You’re Ugly Girls!
19 | There’s No Such Thing As Photo Day, But Nice Thighs Anyway
20 | The President Appears! Did The Entire War Just Freeze After His Landing?
21 | Why Do You Men Wear Sunglasses At Night?…How Do You Get Blind By The Moon?
22 | Corporal Adams Would Like To Thank You, By You Buying Him Drinks!
23 | This Can’t Be Happening! We’re Now The Losing Side! Dummies!
24 | This Is The Plan…First We Attack, Then Run Away Like Little Girls
25 | Here They Come! And They’ve Got No Weapons…Are They Stupid Or Stupid?
26 | It All Comes Down To This!…The Way To End The War Is By WHAT?!

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