050: Lexus' Inheritance

From Best Pants Ever

A lot of stories ago… (wait, I didn’t start with “Previously?”) Ken wanted to buy a car while in Miami, but opted for a rental instead. Today, the start of Day 7, he’ll decide to buy one! Where is his selected location? Also… kittens.


The BPE group rise up to a new day. James looks at his 4th-place medallion he won in UNO. Both Jack and On Dine got medals too while Nickos got a nice trophy. All four finalists themselves each got 5 new UNO decks that they could do whatever with. James gave one to the Messerolls, Ashley, Mara and Lawrence, Brenna said she didn’t want one.

At 11:00am, the group again is trying to figure out what to do. Ken continues to personally debate whether to get a car now or waiting until getting home. He had thought to wait for home, but now would like to get one in Miami, which would be his ultimate souvenir. He talks to Jess about it, and she’s okay with going to a dealer to find one.

The BPE together head to Lexus of North Miami. As Ken wanted to seek a Lexus. For the time being, it’s a group activity just so they’re not going about the hotel again. The group had previously been to Lexus [off story in “#022: Car”] but didn’t stay very long. Now, they’re back to really search this time. A dealer approaches Ken to greet and ask him what he’s looking for. The dealer then takes Ken outside. Brenna, Jessica and Jamie go with them, while Mara, Ashley and James look around inside the building. Another dealer talks with them, but they note they’re just looking while a friend is looking for a new ride.

Something curious strikes Mara when she sees a guy coming into the lobby from a hall as if he’d been working out, so thinks there might be some private club in there. It’s learned that there’s a lot of recreational things upstairs for people who wait to have their car looked over and other things. The trio decide they want to have a look for themselves, but wonder if it’s a good idea when Ken and the others searching for a car. Well… good idea or not, the trio begin to stray off to the back to explore. They start to get a few butterflies in their stomachs like they’re not supposed to be back there. It’s an exciting rush, and when they see the staircase, it’s up-up-up they go!

As the building-touring trio makes it upstairs, their only optional direction is left. They pass by an office with a worker in it whose back is turned, so they steadily scamper on by to leave her path. They enter an empty lounge with a TV on CNN. They assume not many people hang out in there. They continue to move on down the hall when they reach a balcony, looking down at the main floor of the lobby and seeing outside. They don’t see Ken and the others, so assume they’re still outside. (they are) After a few minutes of looking, they make their way to the gym, which is also silent. They begin to tour around it a bit, but nothing of excitement comes up. They decide to head back down. On their way, they see what looks to be a hair salon. Both Mara and Ashley would really like to have a test run, but are unsure if Ken will decide on a car.

The trio make it back down stairs, and wonder about the hall to their right (south), so they go down it. They see a café area and a small gift shop they look around. Before heading back to the lobby, they turn around keep straight until they reach the car garage. As long as James puts away his camera, the trio are allowed to step in for just a few minutes, staying near the door. James gets a text, from Jess asking where they’re at.

The trio make their way back to the lobby, where it’s announced that Ken has found a car! Ken has chosen the 2013 CT Hybrid. As Ken prepares to do paperwork, he tells James later that he wants him to be the owner of the RV (yaaaaayyy). While Ken and Jess go over paper work, the others all wonder around again. Brenna and Jamie get their own tour of the place. Before they go as Ken finishes the work, he and Jess get a look around. Jessica considers the building a 5-star hotel based on what they have.

Next Adventure: it’s time to act like party animals! Okay, no it’s not, but I’m sure animals are involved! Any kittens? Unicorns? You’ll see!

Completed: February 1st, 2013
Submitted: April 15th, 2013

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