045: Mew, Mew!

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Day 6 arrived for the BPE group as now they’d move on with their vacation as Lawrence’s weekend came to an end. The BPE spend the morning time taking three one-hour shifts riding on a jet ski! Now at 1, they prepare for their next afternoon activity.

045: MEW, MEW!

Jamie alone would spend the most time at Bayfront Park during the other’s one-hour intervals on the jet skis. Jamie by now has had enough time there. Except for one thing, the group is ready for lunch! What better than to head back to the marketplace to seek lunch options! James suggests sloppy joes, but gets ignored for that comment. I don’t know what you, the reader ate, but I had… SUBWAY! I would, too!

After lunch, the group prepares to head back to the hotel. James suggests if anyone wants to take a walk, but Ken and Jess want to see if they can get Jamie to take a nap. Mara also wants to take a nap. Brenna and Ashley appear open to it. So they begin to walk, until Brenna now suggests a drive somewhere else. James okays it, and heads to the Messeroll room to get his rental car’s keys. Once back down, Brenna, Ashley and James take off. Where they’re headed? Whichever way they go!

Lawrence is sitting down during a work break. He uses his phone to go onto Facebook to see if Daisy has replied him yet. As of then, there’s still no reply. One possibility is that she got busy in the morning and could be at work herself. He still thinks about the small time they had at the dog park, wishing the time lasted longer. Lawrence’s break is about to be over, so he puts away his phone to prepare to get back to his shift.

Brenna, Ashley and James are driving east to explore the islands better than they could in the RV. With James driving, he leaves it to Brenna to take pictures with his camera. Brenna and Ashley competed to see who’d get shotgun, Brenna won. (It wasn’t arm wrestling, though) Brenna was okay with taking pictures though, despite she wouldn’t take too many. James went on Venetian Causeway, which eventually, has to pay a toll. Wishing he went a different way, James deals with it for the sake of new sights.

Ashley, with a live map, is able to guide James to what directions lead to dead-ends and no interest. The homes on these islands leave the three feeling that they can’t get that kind of luxury, but in a small way, don’t care at the same time. To have particular views to wake up to everyday though is another thing.

Brenna, Ashley and James have arrived at the last island before they’d drive into Miami Beach. They find a place to park at Belle Isle Park. As soon as they get out, “meow”. Ashley discovers a little kitten, who has gotten lost, as she discovers a tag on it. It’s the address of this kitten. Instead of a visit to this park, the three decide they should return this kitten to its home.

While Ashley is very protective of the kitten by holding it, James locates its address. The kitten was really far from its home, which is somewhere in Miami Beach. For driving, it’d take about 10 minutes, but they’ll make the trip, so with that, the trio get back into the car and takeoff to find the house.

Within that 10-minute frame, they arrive at that house. Brenna and Ashley, still holding the kitten tightly, watch as James goes to the door. A women answers asking who he is. He claims his cousin behind him found a kitten with this address. The woman is excited as she calls forth her 4-year old daughter, who was crying because of the kitten apparently running away. Ashley goes up to the girl and hands her back the kitten, who she named (get this) Daisy. The trio kind of look at each other and recall it’s the name of a girl Lawrence met in Key West. Ashley is offered a reward, but seeing the little girl now happy is rewarding enough for her. The trio depart to continue their ride.

Next Adventure: Kenneth’s patience will finally be lifted after he’s offered a fishing session with a couple guys. Will Kenneth show them up and make the biggest catch or will he be the bait?

Completed: February 1st, 2013
Submitted: April 10th, 2013

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