041: Dog Days

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group FINAALLLLYYYYYY entered Key West. They all opted to go to Sloppy Joe’s to get him all sloppy, then eat him, and they did, cannibals! Now, they enjoy at least an hour at Higgs Beach Dog Park before heading back to Miami and enduring another 3-hour ride. The bright side? It’s not raining, and it looks like the clouds are moving aside!


The BPE group is enjoying a short stay at the beach while Lawrence with Mara are at the dog park walking Ginger. It’s a very nice 76º out. A teensy bit humid, even after the previous rain fall, but it’s not too bad, really. The clouds are starting to space apart as sun light appears to be breaking in on them, something of huge excitement for them.

At the dog park, Mara is interrupted when she receives a phone call. It’s her mom wanting to chat a bit. Mara is thinking it could have been done at night, but Mara is more than happy to talk. She leaves Lawrence with Ginger while finding an area to sit and talk. Lawrence and Ginger then turn a bit to the north and progress with the other owners and dogs.

At the beach, Jess and Ken are having fun with Jamie by the water. Jamie is clearly enjoying herself. Despite it’s been 14 stories since Jamie met Jacob, it was only 2 days ago she saw him. Jamie appears to have forgotten about him by now. Jessica is the only one thinking about it, but doesn’t want to bring anything up to Ken about it in case she does remember and pouts. She wonders if her new baby will go through the same thing at Jamie’s age.

Back at the dog park, Lawrence has strayed himself and Ginger from the pack as he decides to go his own route. The direction he turns has Ginger excited as she sees another dog. Lawrence isn’t the only one to notice another soul. The dog that Ginger likes has a very gorgeous owner. Who takes notice to Lawrence. She is the first to speak as she says that his dog has taken a liking to hers. She introduces herself as Daisy. Lawrence greets and says his name. Daisy asks if Lawrence is from the area, but says he lives in the Miami area. Daisy says she’s also from Miami, but Miami Beach, and that she’s spending a few days in Key West visiting relatives. Lawrence shares his story that he’s here with friends, who, not even Mara now, are in his sight. He also says they’re not staying too long. Ginger has taken to Daisy’s dog, who is named Jimbo. Ginger’s instincts may have told her Jimbo is the same kind of dog Jimbo is, and that it was love at first sight. That’s Lawrence’s claim though as Daisy gets a giggle out of it. The two begin to talk a little bit while Lawrence tries to keep in mind that the group wont be around too long.

Back on the beach, Brenna is still in her shade listening to music while Ashley and James are TRYING to construct a hand-made sand castle. They’re both doing horrible! They decide they need to gather a lot more water. As the two go down to get it, James decides to have a little fun and splashes some toward Ashley. She calls James a jerk then proceeds to try and get him wet. Jokes on both, though, as James simply trips in the sand and falls as the water flows over him. Ashley smiles and thinks he got punished enough.

Lawrence and Daisy continue to talk for a bit. Lawrence realizes the group will be leaving in another 20 minutes, so he wants to enjoy the chat before he leaves. While walking, both are careful not to step in any loose doggy presents, as some dog owners have neglected to pick up after their pooch. Jimbo seems to want a snack, but Daisy presents it. The talk gets to where jobs are in talks. The two share what the other does. They begin to have a nice conversation with each other. Lawrence almost wants to introduce her to his friends, but assumes they’re having a lot of fun on the beach.

Finally, Lawrence and Daisy split up, but have vowed to talk again, as Daisy gave Lawrence a descriptive detail about her profile page. Ginger and Jimbo also say goodbye to each other… “Ginger, let’s go!” – Ginger is sad to leave Jimbo, but who knows, maybe even they’ll meet again!

Everyone has met up together at the beach to take one last look to the south before their leave. Lawrence wonders if he’ll ever meet up with Daisy again. In Ginger’s head, she wants to meet with Jimbo again. Only time will tell.

Next Adventure: The short stay to Key West is over, and the BPE start to leave back to Miami. I promise that it wont take 5 stories, but wont promise how many it will be!

Completed: January 30th, 2013
Submitted: April 6th, 2013

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