036: The 9th Companion

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group had breakfast at a Café while planning their day. It was finally decided that they’ll travel through the Florida Keys and back. A trip that’ll take a little over 7 hours.


Having decided to go up to Key West, the group prepare their leave taking anything they might need with them. Lawrence had to really think this one over, and begins to wish his parents took another weekend to have their vacation, as now Lawrence is stuck whether going with the group and leaving Ginger at home or staying home himself. The group then begins to think if they should re-think their strategy. Finally, Mara comes up with an idea.

Mara’s idea is what indeed has happened, as now the group is leaving behind the cars, and taking the Florida Keys trip… in. the. R. V. Yes, the RV returns to the story, but WAIT! There’s more! Call in the next 10 minutes and you… wait, where am I? Oh yeah! The RV isn’t the only surprise. Mara’s other half of the idea is brought to life as well… Ginger will be joining the group! (Anyone NOT see that coming ?) Lawrence is still unsure if it’s a good idea, but to him, it’s the only way to make sure Ginger isn’t alone for too long. Lawrence sure didn’t want to stay home most of the day, except for one detail that there’s other errands he needed to do as well. Lawrence decides for himself that he’ll do them tonight. So he believes this is his final adventure with the BPE group. He’ll have work the next 5 days, and the BPE group leave Miami and Florida Thursday morning. (note that this day is Sunday)

With Ginger joining the BPE group, they’re now a team of 9. With Ginger aboard, the others of the group start to miss their own pets, but know they’ll see them soon enough.

Without any more hesitation. Ken fires up the RV, and off they go! Ken heads north to take the Dolphin Expressway which provides a quicker route. Thanks Google maps!

Lawrence finally gets to experience a day in the RV. He’s told the story of how it came to be, and has a hard time grasping that either Ken or James could win an eating contest. Ken and James tell him to believe it, cause it’s the truth!. He learns they each won an RV cause of tying, but when learned that they’re friends, for that reason alone, didn’t get the other RV. A good thing to the group, as it’d be too much parking space in small areas. Good thing for the rental cars, though. Lawrence and Ginger seem to enjoy the ride.

The group eventually begin going south as they begin the stretch of being at the main part of Florida. It’s about over an hour’s ride to Key Largo, the first major place in the Keys. When asked about plans on their way to Key West, there doesn’t appear to be any, meaning no stops along the way. Ken had nearly taken his group near it on their boat the day before. Now, though, they’ll really get to be there.

Something begins to happen that the group had not seen in their entire time in Florida, and haven’t seen it in over a couple weeks at home, the sun has (BLOWN UP AAHHHH!!!) disappeared thanks to cloud coverage. These aren’t ordinary clouds, though, they’re rain clouds! As Mara checks the weather, she discovers a forecast for rain in the area, most of the southern region of Florida. So for the first time this trip (and Adventures series!) the group will experience rainfall. Something a few of them, notably Ashley, are anxious to see. Jess likes the idea, but doesn’t like that it may happen on this particular trip. However, it’s preferred to this one over something else Lawrence still has vacant on his list. If it ever gets accomplished!

An hour as passed and the group is about to enter and pass through Key Largo. Dark clouds still loom, but no trace of rain has been reported yet.

Finally, the group has officially driven past the edge of the main chunk of Florida and are now in the Keys range. First pass-by, Key Largo!

Next Adventure: The BPE spend all day (only a few minutes) in Key Largo on their way of reaching the end. Oh, and about that rain? Well, here. it. comes!

Completed: January 28th, 2013
Submitted: April 1st, 2013

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