033: Their Night Out

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, The BPE groups continued their rides as Ken continued south and then eventually east a ways then north, and James continued east and then eventually north. James’ group stumbled upon two people who needed rescue. On that attempt, James’ group became stranded. Fortunately though, James’ group was given a spark plug needed and the BPE were able to continue on.


One of the owners of the boat rental place bring Ben and Laura back after they were able to get gas to fill their boat up with, so the Ben and Laura portion of this story is over. Yay! Now back onto the BPE group. Double Yay!

The entire BPE group are now together to discuss plans for the afternoon. As it gets close to 3pm, they decide to go find a place to eat, so they ride back.

After dinner (woo, that was quick!) the group head back to their rented boats, as they still have until 9pm to use them. When they arrive, they get control back of their boats and ride off. Both groups decide to go north this time. Both boats prior had been refueled and checked over. No problems to be found. Lawrence had gone home for dinner so he could tend to Ginger.

The group’s plan, mostly Ken’s, is to ride near the entire coast of Miami Beach. While that is going on, members of the BPE separately recall a few adventures they’ve had driving around there. Notably, the drama at Buffalo Wings And Rings, which was 13 stories ago! It’s not long before a few of them realize it wont be too much longer before their adventure in Miami ends, likewise their vacation.

The group talk amongst themselves during the ride until close to 7pm. James’ party is getting tired, so James decides he’ll take them back. Before they leave, though, James make a request. Knowing they have rarely got time to themselves, James asks to take Mara and Jamie to his boat, so that Ken and Jess can their own time together. Ken and Jess are both appreciative of that and agree, as does Mara. Mara and Jamie are carefully entered onto James’ boat. After a moment of discussion, Ken and Jess depart with Jamie watching. Mara and Jamie are welcomed aboard as James prepares to make his way back to the dock.

James has now arrived back to the dock at 7:20pm. Brenna, Mara, and Jamie get out to head back to their room, leaving Lawrence and Ashley as James’ passengers. The three agree to take an adventure south for a while. James decides to take them back by Key Biscayne to look over the beach where (again I mention) they were at the previous day. In one way, they do hope to return, but want to take any chance they also have of visiting other places, just so their trip isn’t too filled with repeats.

Back at their room in Holiday Inn, the girls have all showered and are now resting. With Jamie in Mara’s lap, they watch out the window to the east for a chance they might see any of their group, but any chance of a view they have with any of them is gone. So the two continue to watch as it gets darker and the lights make for a pleasant view. Mara is really thankful for this trip and where she’s at. When she goes to ask Brenna, but Brenna appears to be asleep.

James’ group make it back to the dock by 8:40pm, 20 minutes shy of when they needed the boats back. They discover Ken and Jess haven’t returned, but assume they’ll be back. The three then head back to the hotel room, hoping to do something with the group. When Ashley gets to her room, she knocks, but nobody answers. As it turns out, Mara and Jamie have both fallen asleep, so James invites her (and Lawrence) into his room.

James gives Mara a text that Ashley would like to return, and await the answer. In the meantime, the three … guess what… play UNO! Before their game starts, James is given a text from Jess saying that her and Ken are going to take a drive. James confirms the text and tells them to be safe. It’s best this way as her and Ken finally got time to themselves, much deserved time.

Next Adventure: Ken and Jess continue their night out. Mara wakes up to let Ashley back in when Lawrence asks James a particular question. What will they question be? If it’s about kittens, ask away! Also, one incident with Jessica leads to something great! It’s a story full of suspense! You WILL want to read!

Completed: January 27th, 2013
Submitted: March 22nd, 2013

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