030: Three Hour Tour...ish

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group went to play ball! Well, The guys played volleyball before the group went to a bad loss for the Miami Marlins. The day was a great one though, as Jamie made a new friend. Will she remember him as the days continue?


The BPE group has woken up to what is now their fourth day in Miami. Ken had been out early and went to a place that he’ll bring the group to in a short while. Only he knows (aside from the story writer) where and what the group will be doing this day.

The group gets together once Lawrence arrives in the morning around 9:13am. They group head to their respective vehicles and get in. Ken and James back out. Suddenly, Ken parks in one closer spot then has James park. Ken explains that just like that, they’ve arrived. They’re trying to understand what he means by that. Ken has everyone get out just 2 minutes after he had them get in. He says the place is located just north of Bayfront Park and that they can walk there. “Fooled ya!” Ken just wanted to play a practical joke on everyone.

The group walk to Bayfront Park with Ken leading them north. He takes them through Bayside Marketplace and to a boating place. It’s then the group get an idea of what’s going on. Their hunches are right as Ken placed a deposited for a boat that the group can enjoy through the day. The whole group will ride a boat! Only one flaw, only 6 persons per boat. Which means 2 have to stay behind. Rather than that being an option. James decides to rent a boat himself. So he does. Yes. Rented one himself. Cool… Nobody gets left behind now! *happy*

After the necessary details, (paper work and etc) the group is ready to go! It’s decided that they’ll use their car teams as to who is on one boat. The Messerolls and Mara will take one while Lawrence, Brenna, Ashley, and James take the other.

For the day, James decides he’ll be called “Captain James”. Brenna says “No, James”. James gives up that dream and decides to go by James. However, Ken seems to have good luxury as he’s referred to as “Cap’n Ken” by Jess and Mara. James wants the same, but his good isn’t sport enough for that. Ashley though says “let’s go, cap’n!”. Ken and James discuss if they want to take separate routes or journey together. James says for the time being, so with that, Ken takes the lead. He two get their boats a good start, and off they go! It’s now 10:23am, they have nearly a full day with the boats, so a lot of fun is to be sure!

Ken goes south as to stay alongside the land, but out enough to not be near-near it. James isn’t too far behind him, but enough that he wont crash and send his group overboard. James begins to wish he had rented a speedboat for the opportunity to have someone water ski. The best part about each boat though, is it comes with a retractable ladder to climb back in, just in case anybody does go overboard, but nobody is to do that! (understood, reader?)

They might be staying on the outskirts of the land, but it’s a beautiful sight anyway. Eventually, both Ken and James plan to navigate away from it. Making sure they wont get lost. (we wouldn’t want that, now! … Or would we?) If they do get lost, another great feature about each boat is a GPS. (Technology for ya) The group is certain their captains… well.. Captain Ken and James wont get their groups lost. If they do, they’ll walk an imaginary plank!

At 10:55am, James begins to name off the group as the Gilligan’s Island cast. He begins to say Ken is the Skipper, James himself is Gilligan. Jessica is Ginger… then pauses as he doesn’t have enough guys involved meaning there’d be no Professor or Mr. Howell. Without much options, James says Lawrence can be the professor and Brenna can be Mr. Howell. Brenna get puts her hands around James’ neck as he begins to lose focus in steering and wobbles them. The Messeroll group notice and wonder what is up. “James must have said something dumb” is Mara’s reply. The others agree then get back to watching the view while James tends to his own matter. This is no 3-hour tour, so James opts to drop to Gilligan’s Island casting.

Next Adventure: The boat ride continues as the group enjoy lunch in their respective boats then make a choice to split the group up! Who’ll go where?

Completed: January 25th, 2013
Submitted: March 15th, 2013

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