028: Team 2's Trials

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Lawrence, Mara, and James accepted an invite to play volleyball and were all put on Team 2 led by Michael. Team 1 proved very tough (or Team 2 proved very inexperienced) when they won Set 1 21-8. The first team to win 3 sets wins. Does Team 2 have a chance?


The second set is underway as Veronica makes the first serve for Team 1. Team 2 holds a 1-0 Set lead as they need 3 more to win. Team 1 scores a lower 3 before Team 2 finally gets their first point. Lawrence lead’s Team 2’s first serve of Set 2 as he gets Team 1’s Dana to knock it out of bounds. In a 3-2 lead for Team 1, Team 2 is beginning to think they have a slight chance. Lawrence would go on to get Team 2 a 4-3 lead before Team 1 tied it. Now at 4-4, Team 1 regains control.

The Messeroll clan continue their walk as they notice the volleyball game going on, just then, Jess sees that Lawrence, Mara, and James are playing, then happen to see that Jeff is too, and all on the same team. They decide to head over and watch. As they’re walking, Jamie sees Jacob and points to Jess, who sees, so the Messeroll clan head to sit around her.

Team 2 is beginning to think their slight chance is now a no-chance as Team 1 had stormed back to take a 14-6 lead. Team 2 decides to go in a full-on focus mode where they keep a close eye on the ball while trying not to overcome the spikes given from Team 1. Gabe and Michael are the best spikers of Team 2 with Lawrence next in line, Jeff not bad himself. Mara and James however can’t spike, so rely on hoping to hit the ball above and beyond the opposing team.

Before long, Team 2 has taken a 2-0 Set lead winning the second set 21-10. Needing just one more set win to win 3-0 as planned. Team 2 reorganizes itself one final time. James will serve first. Following James will be Lawrence, Jeff, Gabe, Mara and Michael who opts to start in the back middle again. Michael believes with him, Gabe, and Lawrence separated by one other as the best spikers, they could stand a little better of a chance to at least make Set 3 worth Team 1’s while. Team 1 again keeps it’s same rotation, and once again, Veronica is selected to be the team’s first server.

The others of the BPE watch closely while Jamie and Jacob enjoy more time together. Carla roots on Team 2 (Jeff, mostly) from the side. That shout-out has given Jeff a little bit of confidence that he can help lead Team 2 to its first set clincher. The crowd who opted to watch prepare watch could be Team 1’s clinching set. Most are rooting on Team 1, leaving Team 2 wishing for more. They hat least have their friends and some family watching, so that gives some comfort.

Before the match starts, Mara asks if she can be substituted. Tony agrees as long as she finds a sub within 5 minutes. Mara asks Ken if he’d like to go in her place. While unsure about it, Jess and Carla encourage him so they both have their husbands to watch. Ken agrees and enters the game replacing Mara, leaving the girls to root on their guys as well as all of Team 2.

Set 3 finally begins. Veronica launches the first serve and it’s game on. Team 2 seeking to avoid a shutout. The game has a slow start but before you know it, like the first two, Team 1 has an 8-3 lead. Team 2 is playing a little better. At one point, the lead of Team 1 is now 14-8. Team 2 is finally starting to work together and with the cheers of their rooters, start to really get control. When one of Ken’s serve turns comes up, he manages to ace it on Team 1 who had a little miscommunication. Steadiness would go to Team 2 when finally, The score was 19-17 in favor of Team 1. Team 2 is playing their best. It’s not because Mara is out, but that Team 1 is starting to disconnect.

At 4:49pm, Set 3 continues! Everybody looks on as they could possibly see Team 2 have a huge comeback and force a 4th Set. The next serve is made by Gabe of Team 2, and with his serve, the continuation of Set 3!

The game’s best set by far becomes a true set, as we see both teams tied at 20, Team 2 scoring 3 of the last 4 points. Meaning now, the first team to lead the other by 2 would win. In what became a huge play, Lawrence has scored Team 2’s first lead of the entire game, and they lead 21-20. Can Team 2 secure Set 3? Jeff is in control of the ball. He tosses it up and hits it! The crowd looks on with intent.

Next Adventure: Team 1 leads 2-0 in sets. Team 2 leads Set 3 21-20. Can Team 2 score the set point and force a Set 4? Also, Ken and James’ secret plan you didn’t know about until this preview is revealed!

Completed: January 24th, 2013
Submitted: March 9th, 2013

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