026: Baby Love

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Friday came as for Lawrence, began his 2nd of 4 whole days off. The plan for the day was to spend it at a beach, so the group made their way to Key Biscayne to spend time at its beach. What will the group do in their hours there?


James continues his walk venturing further south until he reaches the beach’s end, still taking pictures. Brenna is still napping in the BPE’s spot, though trying to at least, as she keeps watch for seagulls. The others are still at the shoreline having fun in the water.

Mara volunteers to watch Jamie while Ken and Jess go swimming. Jamie watches as her parents dive down and disappear. She wants to go with them, but Mara keeps her in the sand. Jamie calls out to them. Ken and Jess pop up and say hi to Jamie, who reallllllyy wants to be with her parents.

James begins to get a bit further south until there’s a lack of people with just him there. It’s kind of boring, but he’s not bothered by it. Finally, James approaches an area where he sees a line of umbrellas with some of them containing people underneath. He casually walks by while taking few pictures.

Brenna decides her nap time is over and walks toward the shore, she can see the group sans James and wonders where he is. She doesn’t see him, so assumes he went on a walk elsewhere.

Ken and Jess come back to the shoreline with Jamie greeting them. They decide to head back to their spot for lunch as It’s close to noon, but James isn’t back from his walk yet. They think about eating without him. James however is making his way back to the group as he’s not wanting to go too much further south.

On their way back to their spot, the BPE group pass a couple with their young son who’s close to 2 years old. The kid, Jacob has noticed Jamie and seems to want to play with her. Mutual emotions occur as Jamie wants to play with him too. The mothers of the kids agree to let them do something together. Jess says that they’re about to eat lunch, and then Jamie can play. As they arrive back, they see James coming up and call him over.

At 11:56am, they decide to go ahead and prepare their own lunches. As it would happen to be, James went to Subway to get a foot long and also went to Walgreens to buy some AriZona. (typical) I don’t know what you, the reader packed, but whatever it is, looks good!

Following lunch, Jessica takes Jamie to Jacob and his mom. Ken joining them. The Messerolls then sit and chat with Jacob’s parents for a while with Jamie and Jacob engaging (to be wed!... haha jk) in playfulness. They talk in toddler talk, so the parents don’t know what they’re saying, but it seems as if the kids do, which is what’s important. Ken and Jess are surprised to learn that this couple and their son are from… FLORIDA! … Nah jk, they’re actually from Lima, Ohio, so are only just a state below them.

By 1:13pm, the talks get very engaging as Ken and Jacob’s dad (Jeff) as well as Jessica and Jacob’s mom (Carla) seem to click on their own, as if they’ve been friends a while. Jeff is a contractor and Carla is a stay-at-home mom who used to work for locksmith. Despite the different jobs, the parents get along well! Jamie and Jacob are still enjoying each other’s company. The parents get the idea that when they have to split up, it’ll be a bit hard on the kids.

Now 1:56pm, the Messerolls decide to part from Jeff and Carla to give them and Jacob time to themselves, but first exchanging numbers to keep in touch. They head back to their spot where only Brenna and Mara are there. Lawrence, Ashley, and James took a walk. Jamie’s not too upset that she split from Jacob, but keeps turning that direction to make sure he’s still there. Jess can see it that she likes him and fears but may happen when he leaves.

Next Adventure: The BPE’s beach day continues as more people arrive and there’s something really really fun that gets the attentions of a few of the group who get invited! What is it?

Completed: January 24th, 2013
Submitted: March 3rd, 2013

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