024: The Messeroll's Secret Route

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Ken and James each selected a rental car and signed all the papers. So now, the BPE group can travel with ease… and park with ease! Lawrence went back home to tend to Ginger. The remainder all went to their hotel room to take a powernap. That wont last lost though as everyone’s on their way back! Lawrence’s first full day with the group continues, now!


Jessica with the help of a few safely parks the RV. As she exits it, she slaps it. The RV begins to cry (at least, Jess wishes that happened). Jessica heads back to her room. It’s not long before both Ken and James return with James gaining Ken by about 3 minutes (cause I didn’t travel as far). Up in their rooms, they wait out Lawrence’s return. Lawrence was informed of the CORRECT room #s of the group. James still likes the gag he pulled. With the girl’s room knowing of the returns, with the exception of Brenna, they go to the Messeroll room.

Lawrence is still at home tending to Ginger, but 10 minutes later, he feels Ginger is ready to be on her own again. Lawrence says goodbye to her as he prepares to head back out with the group.

While waiting for Lawrence, the group chat about the plans. There’s no big plans. At least of them they want to save for Sunday (3 days later). There was no other random travel plans. So now that they have 2 available cars, they decide to for the heck of it, drive around neighborhoods. James for one might look forward to that, but thinks about Jess and Ken in how it might be a waste of a trip. Thinking that a beach would sound nicer. It’s decided that they’ll go to one the next day, hoping Lawrence is okay with that.

Moments later, Lawrence returns and greets the group. The plan is to simply check out neighborhoods. The idea seems really “eh”, but now that they have 2 rental cars, with those and the intercoms, (used to call it voce coms) they feel it’s doable. The group organizes who is in what car on their walk down. Ken’s car contains the Messerolls and Mara. James’ car contains Lawrence, Brenna, and Ashley.

The car groups positively test the intercoms as they can all talk with each other between two vehicles. With all that done and the cars’ tanks filled, it’s time to roam the neighborhoods!

With Ken leading the front vehicle, he decides to move south. Ken had a predetermined route with the help of Jessica, so Ken is taking that route. Only those two know as Mara and the Bondy car have no idea where they’re going. (Of course, they didn’t know anyway as they’d just take random streets).

Not much longer do they get on S Dixie Hwy that they get off and start veering southeast. In any case, no surprises to be at hand when there was no selected route, so it was as if Ken was just going to take random turns at any given time. He didn’t voice that to anybody, though. Although perhaps Jamie was trying to tell everyone that, but the whole ‘not being able to produce sentences’ part was lacking. Ken’s idea was safe.

Ken leads the group across Rickenbacker Causeway (a bridge) and onto an island, known as Virginia Key. No stops though as they keep going and enter Key Biscayne. Ken finally announces his plan as it’s visiting Key Biscayne's “Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park”. This has the group’s interest as the whole neighborhood ride seemed really boring.

After passing a toll area. The group eventually make it as far south as they can. They get out and enjoy the park surroundings as they can in a nice view of the ocean, uninterrupted by other islands with tall buildings. It’s the perfect plan! You have Ken and Jess to thank for that.

After moments of viewing the beautiful scenery, the group has dinner at the nearby Boater’s Grill. After dinner, the group would end up going around a handful of neighborhood blocks before all heading back to one of their hotel rooms for a movie to end the first full day.

Next Adventure: Wake Up! It’s time to start Day 3 for the BPE group in Miami. The day doesn’t plan to much happening, but something good could come out of it! Oh, Lawrence, look! The kitten is back!

Completed: January 24th, 2013
Submitted: March 1st, 2013

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