019: Pointe to the South

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Ken or James failed to fill the tank up in the RV, so both went to go get some with Ashley. The guys would travel for nothing as Jess came with the RV after a good citizen gave them gas. No matter, the tank is full and the island hopping can continue!


As the group continues north, not too far from where they were temporarily stranded, Jessica tells can about a park just south of them, which is the southern tip of Miami Beach. A place called Southe Point Park. Jessica pleads a visit, and when Ken calls for a vote, everyone else agrees, so Ken finds a place to turn around as they get ready to go south to the park. A turn onto Washington Avenue, and they’re a straight shot south until they reach the park.

While on Washington Avenue, the group pay attention to all the stores and what-not. Jamie happens to point and say “ah!”. When Jessica looks, she has pointed at a tattoo parlor. Jessica tells Jamie “no”. Jamie sticks her tongue out then continues watching out the window. Jess then thinks of washable tattoos, but then erases that from her memory. (and now that I have her attention, GL really erasing it!)

Finally after minutes of driving, the group arrive at Southe Point Park. All that’s left to do now is find a parking space! … Yep… find a parking space… fiiiiiind aaaaaaa paaaaaarrrrkiiiing spaaaaaccceee… There’s NO parking spaces!! … Oh wait! There’s one! Having the RV has shown big disadvantages, but still fun to be with the group in a free-to-move about area. After it turns out the parking spot is taken, Ken is given a special permission to park along a curb side for up to an hour.

Finally stepping onto the park itself, time to walk it for a while. James wants to travel to the lowest point available, which is a long stretch of rocks out into the water that end. Mara wants to tour inside the building south of the parking lot, which is known as Smith & Wollensky, which looks to be an expensive diner. The group head in to find out it’s just that. They exit and continue their walk.

They make their way to the spot James saw, the stretch of rocks leading out, which are no more than the entrance/exit marks for the boating docks. James decides to leave his (water) shoes on (smart). He’s suggested not to go too far, though. James however feels confident enough. Mara, Ashley and Lawrence decide to walk with him while the Messerolls and Brenna take the deck. One of the side shows are people riding their boats around, something both Jess and Ken would like to do.

The Messerolls and Brenna reach the end of the deck while the others keep walking. It’s about another 800 feet the rock-group (not musicians) walk. Jessica is taking pictures of those out there. James decides to take it a little bit further. It’s about another 800 feet to where it’s seen to be ended. James is the only one who continues it and finally, he does. He reaches the end without problem. James looks out a brief moment while taking in the calm breeze. A moment right there that makes him happy to be on this trip. Minutes later, he makes his way back.

Joining up with the group after, they continue to walk the park a little bit longer, seeing as they still had a whole day ahead of them. They take a walk on the sand. Jessica lets Jamie get a little bit near the water, which she enjoys. The group spends a few more minutes out there before deciding to heading back to the RV to continue their ride.

Individually, the group wonder how many specific destinations they made return to. Southe Point Park could be in the future plans, but for now, get newer destinations out of the way first. Finally, back in the RV, they take off! Time to explore more of Miami Beach!

Next Adventure: Touring of Miami Beach continues! Could a regular lunch outing turn into basic cable’s next idea for a soap? Also, which BPE member gets involved?

Completed: January 22nd, 2013
Submitted: February 14th, 2013

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