017: Island Hopping

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group enjoyed their evening at Red Koi eating sushi and singing karaoke. At least, all but 1 sung karaoke. Today dawns a new day as Lawrence begins the first of 4 whole days off. Will he use them wisely?


Alarms go off at 8am for the group in their hotel rooms as they all prepare to get ready for an RV ride. Lawrence is on his way to meet the group in front of Holiday Inn by parking in the parking spot between the sections of Biscayne Blvd. When he arrives close to 9am, he discovers a new part of Miami unseen as he thinks of how interesting the parking is. Lawrence gets his spot and enters the hotel.

He was told by James that their group were in rooms 608 and 610. (I don’t know what room #s face toward the ocean, but I think I’m safe to have chosen both of these. Usually odd #d rooms are on one side, even on the other). James says that his room is #608. Lawrence heads up the elevator to the 6th floor and finds room 608. He knocks on the door, and to his surprise, an elderly gruff man opens it. Lawrence has no idea what’s going on other than the idea James played a huge practical joke on him. The man says him and his wife are the only two in the room. Lawrence sighs as he stands speechless. Not having any of their cell #s and no phone, he decides to go to the lobby to get information. When he makes it there, he sees the group all there waiting. James asks Lawrence why he went up to the room. Lawrence glares at him as the group get what just happened. Lawrence vows a later payback. Jessica lectures James on how mean that trick was, but when Lawrence isn’t looking, her and Brenna give him high-fives.

In the RV, the group prepare a watch of scenery. Lawrence gets shotgun even though he’s never gone to most of where the group is heading to. Ken starts up the RV and away they go! … Except they’re going to find a place to get breakfast first, THEN visit as far east as they can in Miami by exploring Miami Beach and other small islands.

Time elapses as the group enjoy their breakfast… the McDonalds that sits on an opposite corner of Holiday Inn. Nothing says “Unique Miami Breakfast” like McD’s!. After that breakfast, the group begin a short distance east. The group begin their traveling, but one thing concerns a few… “Ken, you’re going west!”, exclaims Mara. “Oh, oops” replies Ken. Ken finds a spot to turn around and head back east.

Ken begins north again going along Biscayne Blvd next to Bayfront Park that the group will go back to later. Ken makes a right onto Port Blvd, but eventually while traveling as far forward as they can, it’s not very long before they discover an end. So they end up back onto Biscayne Blvd. Ken makes his next right onto MacArthur Causeway. The group enter Watson Island which doesn’t last too long before they continue across a bridge. Ken decides to merge left and turn onto Fountain St which will take them to Palm and Hibiscus Islands, which are as far as those routes will get. James notices a tennis court on Palm Island as the group take a drive to Hibiscus Island. A crowd of people are curious over the use of the RV thinking they’re a group of lost people.

Eventually, the group make it back to MacArthur Causeway to continue their stretch. Some begin to wonder a couple things. 1, is it a good idea to do island travels with the RV and 2, is it a good idea to even have the RV. For now, they enjoy the fact they can be together, but are missing the cars in this case because of the two-way intercoms. Lawrence thinks what a great idea it’d be to do that. He only has his car, though. The group decide it’s best just to keep hold of the RV. Ken decides to skip over Buoy Park as it looks the same as Palm and Hibiscus Islands. Not too much longer later, they land on the big one, Miami Beach. While there, there’s obviously one thing they’re going to do, and that’s visit the beach itself! However… something tells me they’ll me they’ll be there a bit, but can’t put my finger on it.

Next Adventure: “SERIOUSLY! Who’s the owner of the RV? Is it Ken’s? James’? Does it belong to both of you? Well, whatever, both of you are responsible, so it’ll be you two fixing this mess!” – Mara

Competed: January 20th, 2013
Submitted: February 12th, 2103

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