014: The Drive to Red Koi

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE 7 decided to walk a few blocks West from Holiday Inn. Jessica found Jamie a nice outfit, and it was nice! James got himself an AriZona at Walgreens. 7pm finally came where the 7 loaded up into the RV to head to Lawrence’s location. The BPE group WILL finally meet Lawrence in this story! (Spoiler? No, but hey, it’s ABOUT TIME I HAVE US MEET HIM! For realz)


“Careful… careful… careful… careful… careful… good!" James’ annoying use of saying “careful” was making Ken fear for his life while trying to leave the parking spot in the center of Biscayne Blvd. Finally, the group was venturing south and momentarily south west as they began the drive to Lawrence’s selected location of “Red Koi” in Coral Gables. They discovered Red Koi is a Thai and sushi lounge with karaoke. Usually karaoke is done Tuesday nights, but have a Thursday special for the week.

Along the way, the group watch out windows at various other locations they consider in the future. Mara warns James that if he mentions “Subway” that they’ll throw him out. James dislikes that, but accepts. He has not to worry though, as there’s not much to see on the main roads before they enter the freeway. All to see are the buildings until they reach a certain point on S Dixie Hwy that they’re off a bridge continuing a divided highway with trees in rows on either side. It’s a pretty sight to see considering it’s evening.

The group eventually reach S Dixie Hwy and SW 27 Ave. They get a look around to see if there’d be any sites worth going to during their stay. A look to the south though becomes quickly vague as their direction shifts north. So now they look east and west for any future amusement. Nothing is found of interest. Ken announces that they’re very close to arriving at Red Koi. The group suit up their taste buds for sushi.

Back home, Lawrence is still nowhere close to being ready. Before leaving, he minds his dog Ginger for a little bit, while really anxious to go. Ginger though is having quite a lot of fun and doesn’t want Lawrence to leave. Lawrence however, would like to be gone ASAP as he knows the BPE group are there or still on their way. Finally, Ginger decides to accidentally spill her water from her dish, meaning Lawrence has to do a little clean-up. Lawrence kind of figured a certain delay like this might happen. He gets to cleaning.

The BPE 7 make their final turn on a street. SW22nd ST to be specific. They notice up ahead a tree between the street where they’ll be driving underneath a side of it. Not just that one, but others as well. They seem more/less excited by that. They see a plaza but as it’s happened, nothing looks too interesting. Before long, the BPE began the final stretch where they were now passing palm trees in the center of SW22nd ST. Finally moments later, they arrive. Ken struggles for a parking spot with the RV, so must now find a place or have to come up with another idea. He finds an area of parking a block behind. With that, the group will have a little walk to Red Koi.

A moment later, the group enter, wondering if Lawrence might already be there. After a look around, they discover he isn’t. Lawrence himself is just now leaving his home and will be a bit. Lawrence did reserve a space for 8, and the workers at Red Koi have that place set. The BPE 7 wait there until the arrival of Lawrence.

It’s now 8:37pm and Lawrence hasn’t shown up yet. James decides to take a small walk just outside a ways of Red Koi. Ashley decides to join him. While Ashley and James do that, the others plan ahead their orders.

At 8:48pm, both Ashley and James enter back into Red Koi. Jessica is the first to see them. The catch, is they’re not alone. While Ashley and James talked outside, they finally met Lawrence face-to-face, and now, inside, the entire BPE are together, for the very first time.

Next Adventure: The evening at Red Koi is only beginning! Lawrence and the BPE have finally met face-to-face and now it’s time to enjoy the evening. As long as Jamie’s attempt at karaoke doesn’t pierce the ears of many!

Completed: January 20th, 2013
Submitted: February 7th, 2013

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