013: Afternoon Expedition

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE 7 spent a chunk of the morning at Bayfront Park including the marketplace where off story, things were purchased! Now, the group are back at the hotel to rest their feet a bit before deciding what to do next. Only a few more hours until they finally meet Lawrence!


The BPE 7 are in the Messeroll room playing UNO (again). 10 more games are played with the winners in order being Kenneth, Kenneth, Kenneth, Ashley, Kenneth, Mara, Kenneth, Brenna, Mara, and Kenneth. Jessica hasn’t won the last 20 games played, and this time, James doesn’t have a win to his credit, making him miss playing total strangers on Facebook (Jess feels the same way).

At 2pm, the next activity suggested by Mara is set in motion, a walk around a few blocks of the city. Jessica does worry about that idea with Jamie not having a nap and hopes she’s okay with that. The group exit the hotel and begin to travel south on Biscayne Blvd. James with his notebook keeps track of the routes taken, but not much concern to everyone else as they’ll have a good idea of how to get back. Nonetheless, James keeps his marks anyway.

At work, Lawrence seems to be on a regular pace, but still has thoughts of his friends in mind. He also realizes that he got so wound up with them that he never checked to see if there were cats and/or kittens outside his place in the morning. While bummed about that, he doesn’t give off any downing expressions. In just about 6 hours, he’d see his friends. He again uses that as motivation to try and enjoy his work.

The BPE 7 have turned West onto E Flagler St off of Biscayne Blvd. The first turn they’ve finally made. While walking West, they notice a Walgreens and decide to enter it. (after crossing street by looking both ways) They feel a little at home being in there, despite the many Walgreens there are. James immediately heads to the refrigerated drink department and looks over at the stock of AriZona products. He decides to buy himself one. Selected flavor is Southern Style Sweet Tea. Mara and Ashley each get one as well.

Next, they cross the street again and enter “General Merchandise”. James, as punny as always, asks where “Lieutenant Merchandise” is. The group ignore him, except for Jamie who does laugh. Sad for James though, she was just laughing to laugh… which ended up causing the group to laugh. In the funny war, it’s Jamie 1, James 0.

After simply searching the merchandise store, the group continue their walk until they finally decide to go north when they reach N Miami Ave. They see yet another Walgreens. James thinks about entering to get another AriZona, but lets it go. Happy though that later he can return to get more.

The walk north takes the group past random plazas, which gain no interest. They eventually cross the street as something catches Jessica’s eye. “Super Kids”, which is a clothing store for kids. Jessica is in the hopes of finding Jamie a cute outfit, which she does! (yay, new outfit for Jamie!) Jamie seemed to be intrigued by it, too.

4th Avenue approaches as it’s the one the group goes to next as they begin East to head back to Holiday Inn and rest a while before the evening. Once they arrive back, a few of them opt to head to the outdoor pool to swim a while, figuring they’d have enough energy to rest by bed time. Those few are Mara, Ashley and James. The Messerolls and Brenna opt for a nap with Brenna getting a whole room to herself while Jamie naps in her parent’s room.

Before long, it’s 7pm, and the BPE 7 prepare themselves for a trip to Lawrence’s selected place. Lawrence himself is just getting out of work to head home and change into something else. (either changing into an animal of some sort or perhaps changing into different clothing. I hope he changes into a pair of pants, would be so cool!) Ken starts the RV as everyone enters it for the first time in a couple days. They feel as almost they’re leaving, but know it’s not the case. Finally, they’re off! Next stop, Lawrence’s location and to meet Lawrence himself!

Next Adventure: The BPE 7 and Lawrence are FINALLY going to meet. Where is the place that we in the story knew we’d be going to but as readers, keep wondering where that is? Find out in the next story! … Nice to meet you, Lawrence.

Completed: January 19th, 2013 Submitted: February 6th, 2013

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