010: Beachy Keen

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Lawrence went about the day making any final preparations needed for the BPE group who’d off-story arrived in Florida and are close to 1-hour from arriving in Miami. (Whoa, another honest recap! Go me!)


The BPE 7 arrive at West Palm Beach, Florida for their final break before their entrance to Miami. They find a couple vacant parking spaces that Ken parks the RV in. One at a time the group changes into beach-ware then head out into the sand.

They enter to a fair crowd. James begins to wish they had a volleyball and net, but it looks to be a no-go. However, they don’t let that ruin any fun. They find an area for themselves and set up a little camp. No more than a few seconds afterward, it’s to the water! Jamie is skeptical, but Ken and Jess give her enough confidence.

Mara, Ashley and James remain at the camp while Brenna wanders off. Mara, Ash and James begin an UNO game which could be easy but then again, the wind is uncertain to strike big at any time. They play anyway. Brenna returns to discuss dinner plans. Ashley uses her phone to find a nearby place to eat. They discover a place called Sandwiches By The Sea, which is a sub shop. The feel it could good enough for the evening. After 1 game of UNO (won by Mara), the cards are put away and the group go over to join the Messerolls by the water.

While at work, Lawrence thinks about what the group is up to and if they’re still at West Palm Beach. He didn’t count on them staying as a message given was that they’d be eating. In any case, it was best not to think about as he gets back to his work. He was sure the next day, the meeting would happen.

At the water, the group talk about what is only the beginning of a couple weeks in surroundings like this. They’ll make sure to spend all their time wisely. Everyone except Jessica and Jamie get more into the water with Brenna and James not going too far in. Mara and Ashley are the exceptions as they take on the water, despite low waves.

It’s not long before 6pm hits that the BPE group take their last strolls along the sand, in what was only the first time they’d experience it. A mellow sunset with a red sky and a calm breeze had a nice feeling that made their welcome to Florida grand. All that’s left to do now is continue the drive to Miami and check in at the hotel.

Lawrence makes it home close to 7:30pm. He has no idea that by now, the BPE has made it to Miami and are at their hotel. He’s not informed though as the group gets situated in their rooms. Lawrence takes one last look at a list of plans and wonders if anything may not be able to get done and also if he should come up with a few more. For the time being, Lawrence decides to stay with his current plans.

The selected hotel rewarded to Jessica and Ken is Holiday Inn. The committee involved only allowed 5 days of free stay for them and Jamie. The other four were all given 20% discounts, something they could live with. Having all their luggage brought in from the RV, the group can relax in the hotel. James decides to walk around the hotel a bit and browse around while watching the sunset. Ashley moments later decides to join him.

The BPE group each make a call special home to inform that they’ve made it to Miami and that their views from rooms are spectacular. Facing East to the ocean. The BPE is prepared for their first sleep and to awaken to their first full day there. Let the real Miami adventure begin!

Next Adventure: The first night in Miami’s not quite over yet! The BPE 7 want to enjoy their first night’s say at Holiday Inn, so what do they do? Read the next story to find out!

Completed: January 19th, 2013
Submitted: February 1st, 2013

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