009: Preparation Anxiety

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE 7 took a couple tours. First was to the Edge of the Earth (Atlanta location) where James as he usually does… fell of it, but this was the first time he did so in Atlanta, so, he’s not upset about it. Also, kittens.


In just about a day’s time, the BPE group will arrive in Miami, so that only gives Lawrence one more day. Lawrence has been lucky enough that he’ll have a 4-day weekend coming up (Saturday-Tuesday). Some of the bigger plans will be done within that time while most other things can be done in the evening.

Lawrence continues his day by doing his annual 8:30pm check to see if there’s any stray cats outside, he sadly sees none. His next check wont be until the morning, the day of arrival. Which reminds him, he has friends visiting Miami the next day and to say for under 2 weeks. Lawrence decides to continue preparation while wanting to chat with any of them online, but as it turns out, none are responding as they’re getting a glimpse at how CNN runs things. Since none of them are on or responding, Lawrence decides to play games on Facebook while thinking about what tomorrow will bring.

Now 11pm, Lawrence is playing UNO, but no other BPE members are present, which way suggest they’ve all gone to sleep. As where they are now, they have about a 10-hour drive ahead of them. To say they leave at 7am, they could be in Miami as close to 5pm or later. Lawrence leaves a message for the details hoping to get answers long before their arrival. (9 stories already and we’re not there yet? I really let this thing drag on! Oh well, it was planned. Also, Lawrence won 2 of 14 UNO games)

What’s a good snack to enjoy at midnight which begins a new day in which the entire BPE group will be together? Carrots and Coca-Cola, of course! (Coca-Cola… of course) Lawrence snacks away while watching a TV special on… ugh… The World of Coca-Cola. (Why not?).

The following morning, day of arrival, Lawrence checks outside for any cats and believes to have found one. When he gets outside, it’s gone, so he goes back in. He has work in the afternoon and as littler time to prepare. He believes he has his ideas set. He also begins to wonder on possible sleeping arrangements. Not knowing if the group would stay at a hotel or stay in the RV. As it turns out, his parents are gone for the weekend, so they could potentially sleep there, but Lawrence isn’t too sure, so he decides to message James on that. Bad luck for Lawrence, though is James is the one driving, so when Lawrence isn’t given an answer, he messages Jess. No luck though as she’s sleeping with Jamie. Kenneth doesn’t go on his profile, so no help there. Mara checked e-mails early and has no want to be online. Brenna never bothered to check messages while she was on, so she completely missed it and finally, Ashley was texting people. So Lawrence caught them all at bad times.

Later in the day (3pm) while Lawrence was busy with work, Jessica became the first to read the message and replies back that they’ve already found a hotel they’ll be staying at, but could be possible that at least James stays. Lawrence wouldn’t get that message until later (of course).

It’s now 4:30pm as the BPE group are just about making their final preparations to arrive in Miami. They’re currently entering West Palm Beach where they’ll make a dinner stop. Lawrence minutes later would receive that message. They’re just over 1 hour from arriving to Miami. Lawrence would likely not see them until the next day given his time getting home from work and other duties needing to do. Alas, though, the group had made it safely to Florida and they’re taking their final break before the entrance to Miami.

Next Adventure: The group will eventually arrive in Miami, but one more dinner stop is needed first. Oh, yeah, and you can’t forget about any of the fun after. The fun they’ll have might be more exciting that both The World of Coca-Cola and CNN Center combined! (At least, they hope)

Completed: January 18th, 2013
Submitted: January 31st, 2013

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