001: The Journey Begins

From Best Pants Ever

Having chatted with them for over 5 years, Lawrence Parodi had not met any of his friends known as “The BPE” face-to-face, though a few have come close in personal travels. The closest being James Bondy, in a brief visit to Miami in 2012. Lawrence was uncertain if he’d ever meet any of them, and if he did, how soon would it be?


To signal the start of a GREAT… (note I said “great”) new day, James decides to carefully walk down the stairs… until he trips and falls down them instead. Deciding how hurt he is (deciding?), decides to take the day off work and agonize on the floor like a little girl (very lifelike, too). Cooper heads over to check him out, and decides to not waste any time, and begins to bark at him. James slowly gets up, deciding he’s not hurt anymore (again, deciding?).

To start his morning (12:36pm), James prepares himself lunch. He grabs a bowl of cereal, pours it in a bowl, adds milks, sits down, and before he can eat, realizes he pours chunky milk in a bowl that he didn’t even pour cereal into. James decides it’s okay (I did? I’m gross!), he digs in. Hours later, James recovers from sickness. (Remember how I said “great”?)

Assuming that his day isn’t going anymore smooth, James goes to check his e-mails, seeing he got… NOTHING. Disappointed about that, James logs onto Facebook to see what messages were sent his way. He gets one from Lawrence describing the new best way to skin a cat. James has to sadly tell him that’s he’s already done it a few days ago. Lawrence is sad that he wasn’t the first to do so. James then tells Lawrence he lied, that he was sorry, and that he really did it an hour ago. Lawrence is shocked once again. James again tells him that he lied and is sorry… that it wasn’t a cat, but an annoying skunk roaming around. Lawrence is shocked that James would get near a skunk. James… ONCE AGAIN, tells Lawrence he has lied, and that he hasn’t skinned anything. James just needed comic relief for a TERRIBLE day.

The day ends up taking a huge turn when he receives a text from Jessica saying that her and Ken won a trip for 2, and that they’d like to take James along. James stops to think that if they won a trip for two and they’re inviting him, why invite him? That’d make 3 people. Jess says that he can pay his own way, they just want him to go. James however declines and says he’ll be hurt and sick for the next few years. Jessica doesn’t believe him and tells him the truth, that in some mysterious way so mysterious that it was mysterious even to all the mysterious people who set this mysterious thing up. (I’ll stop saying mysterious now). The truth is that they’re able to have an additional party of 6 join them, and that James was selected as one of them. James asks where to, and it so happens, that they won a trip to Miami, Florida. The first thing in James’ mind was… (I’m sure glad I stopped saying mysterious – or rather, the writer, who is me, but not me in the story, me, stopped saying mysterious). Also, on James’ mind, was that a trip to Miami would be a great excuse to visit Lawrence. James accepts, but then has to stop and think of how long the trip is and if he can get time off work for it. Jessica says that those arrangements have already been made. Kenneth personally went to visit James’ boss, according to Jess, and whatever Ken gave him, James’ boss couldn’t refuse. (whatever you, the reader, want it to be)

When asked who’d be on this trip, Jessica refused to answer, but that they’d be taking two vehicles, one holding four people, the other three. Jessica claims that she’ll be with Ken and Jamie in one vehicle, the rest is a myster…. secret not yet to be told. (I almost said mys… yeaaa)

James, getting confirmation from his boss, decides to start packing, until he realizes one key detail… he has no idea when the trip begins! Jessica claims it’s in 4 months. James, stunned, decides to go back to his GREAT day.

The journey has begun, sort of, though.

Next Adventure: It’s revealed the entire seven who’ll be on this trip and who’ll be in the vehicle that contains NO Messerolls. Also, four months will pass by very quickly. It’s time to head to Miami!

Completed: January 17th, 2013
Submitted: January 21st, 2013

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