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Despite the way in which ADF goes on about equality and acceptance, the fact that these ideas naturally only apply to how other people treat him means that he has no qualms with mocking the internet's favorite lolcow, Christian Weston Chandler aka Chris-chan. Naturally, the irony of this is lost on ADF as he is pretty much CWC's gay double in that he too is a racist, arrogant, perverted, autistic manchild who thinks that the *chans are part of a massive conspiracy to make him miserable.

[edit] Why does Ahuviya hate Chris?

One can speculate that the true reason that Chris got under Ahuviya's skin is Chris' views on homosexuality, Judaism, and Aspergers Syndrome. Chris' many prejudices on these subjects are mostly led by being spoon-fed views through television and Chris' own geriatric Christian parents - however ADF still became offended and led a short-lived one-man crusade against the manchild. One incident took place on Twitter where Ahuviya posted his angry reaction to one of Chris' comics. In said comic, Chris' self insert character went into the future, found a cure for homosexuality, and cured his imaginary kingdom of it. Ahuviya, feeling offended, posted to Chris; "GAY PRIDE FOREVER, FUCK YOUR CURE!". The comment was removed from Chris' wall, possibly by Chris himself, but remained on Ahuviya's.

[edit] ADF and Chris-chan 'trolling'

Perhaps the highlight of ADF's so-called "trolling" was his drawn version of a Transformer from CWC's Sonichu comics. It is unclear what he expected to achieve with this illustration, and perhaps the most interesting thing about it is the fact that ADF's "improved" version is almost equal in "quality" to the original.

Overall, ADF has (in his own mind at least) contributed to Chris-chan trolling on 6 occasions:

   *By drawing the aforementioned "Crackder Jet"
   *By posting a screenshot of his high score in the "Kick The Autistic" pictogame
   *By posting a photograph of a jar of pickles with the caption "FOR SONICHU"
   *By harrassing CWC with slogans and insults on Twitter
   *By creating an "I support the CWCki" deviantART 'stamp'
   *By posting a photograph of an XBox 360 with the caption "HEXBAWKX60"
   *By creating an account on the Cwiki
   *By posting that he dislikes Chris on his own dating profile.

[edit] Chris' Response

ADF successfully hacked CWC's psn account, under the psuedonym of Jack Thaddeus to the shock of everyone observing. This resulted in CWC physically molesting his device, in order to fulfill ADF's demands.<ref></ref> In a most entertaining ironic twist he was outed In August 2011, proving that not all trolls of CWC are normal ordinary responsible people.

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